Press Releases from Todae Solar

North Queensland Business Doing Part to Protect Great Barrier Reef Through Solar Power

A property owner managing a site for a medical surgery centre, Radiography Services, outside of Cairns will be turning on a 100kW commercial solar installation next month. While the business case for solar in a sunny place like Queensland is a no-brainer for many organisations hoping to gain some relief from rising energy costs, for businesses in North […]

2018 Budget Confirms 2020 Cliff for Solar Subsidies, Businesses Hurry to Get Projects in Pipeline

The 2018 federal budget was passed earlier this month and individuals and businesses across Australia have been analysing the impact in recent weeks. While the renewable energy industry as a whole did not feature prominently in Treasurer Scott Morrison’s 2018 budget speech as compared to other issues and industries, the treasurer did confirm that the […]

Hospitality Organisations Find Win-Win with Solar Power

Not even midway through the year, and a trend is emerging in commercial solar energy sales; the hospitality and leisure industry continues to be hot for solar power. In the four months since starting the year, Todae Solar has seen large growth in the number of customers from clubs, resorts, and hotels all across Australia. Back in […]

Australian Vintage Increases Installation Size by 30% in Fourth Phase

Todae Solar recently completed a fourth phase of installation at Australian Vintage in Buronga Hill. This 825kW now brings the site to 1.65MW in total. The partnership began in 2014, when renowned winemaker, Australian Vintage, contracted Todae Solar for a solution to reduce their energy usage. As one of the largest wineries in the country, with […]

Why Solar Helps Your Brand

While it’s true that the cost of buying and installing solar panels has significantly dropped in the last five years while electricity prices continue to skyrocket in Australia, smart businesses are making the switch to solar power for benefits that go beyond just financial. It’s well known that many ASX-listed companies are making the transition […]

Capilano Honey Gets Closer to ‘Zero-Carbon Honey’

Australian commercial solar is getting a little sweeter with the announcement of a new solar power initiative between Todae Solar and Capilano Honey. In pursuit of producing, “zero-carbon honey”, Capilano awarded Todae Solar a contract to build a 100kW commercial solar system on a packaging site in Maryborough, Victoria. Reducing their carbon footprint is a […]

Todae Solar Named Australia’s #1 Commercial Installer for 3rd Year in a Row

The numbers are in for 2017, and for the third year in a row, Todae Solar sits atop the Australian commercial solar industry.  In what is a momentous achievement given an ever increasingly competitive market, Todae Solar has been ranked Australia’s Number 1 commercial solar installer. Verified and ranked by Sunwiz Consulting, an independent solar consultancy, […]

Charles Sturt University Switches On One of Australia’s Largest Rooftop Solar Systems

Charles Sturt University in southern NSW now has one of Australia’s largest rooftop solar power systems in Australia. Todae Solar recently installed a 6,000-panel system at CSU’s Wagga Wagga campus. The 1.77MW system is expected to power the equivalent of roughly 400 typical Australian households. The system is expected to produce around 2,700,000 kWh in it’s first year – […]

Award-Winning Solar Installer Pledges to Lead in Diversity

When you walk into Todae Solar’s bustling Head Office in Glebe, Sydney, you will probably notice a few things typical of a commercial solar installer; engineers huddled over desks with large-format drawings; aerial photos of recent solar installations; and the type of palpable buzz that is only possible in an industry experiencing exponential growth. What might […]

Todae Solar To Take Part in Roll Out of Largest Ever Real Estate Solar Project in Australia

As part of a growing trend of real estate developers and property owners turning to commercial solar and seeing positive impacts on tenants, the environment and their bottom line, Stockland will soon be rolling out the largest ever real estate solar project in Australia. Todae Solar has been selected to install a 1.86 MW addition to the already […]

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