WA residential complex installs 2kW solar for each apartment

Western Australia continues to lead in the development of new residential buildings and estates with built-in renewable energy supplies, with the installation of a 180kW solar system on the roof of a soon to be completed apartment complex in Perth. The developers of the Rivervale “Flo” project, local property group Psaros, say the rooftop PV […]

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Network charges may penalise uptake of battery storage, as well as PV

Australian networks are also penalising solar households, now it looks like they will do the same with those that add battery storage. The trend among some electricity networks to penalise or discourage the uptake of rooftop solar by imposing fixed tariffs or additional fees is now extending to battery storage, with one network accused of […]

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South Australia pushes battery storage in government buildings

South Australia looks to install battery storage in parliament house, museums and art galleries, and up to 150 other buildings including schools and railway stations, as it looks to become a leader in energy storage as well as wind and solar. South Australia is rapidly emerging as the leading state in battery storage, with the […]

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Richard Di Natale – the party leader living off the grid

Greens leader Richard Di Natale chose to go off-grid 10 years ago, largely because of the huge costs of connecting his then weekender and now family home to the grid. He says it's a great feeling to be able to convert the sun into useable energy.

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Off-grid in the Hawkesbury, with tracking solar and batteries

It’s satisfying to turn on a light or power tool and know the energy was generated only a few metres away.

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EMC to supply battery system for large-scale community energy storage trial

Energy Made Clean wins tender for 1.1MWh battery system for ground-breaking large-scale community energy storage trial in Western Australia.

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Tesla already forcing down battery storage prices in Australia

Tesla announcement has already forced battery storage pricing in Australia to come down by one third, with further rapid falls to follow.

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Bakken Hale: Largest solar-battery off-grid home in the world

91-year-old medical entrepreneur installs largest solar and battery storage array for an off-grid home. Hawaii and Australia seen as biggest off-grid markets.

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Australia facing ‘iPhone’ moment with home battery storage

Australia has all the ingredients to be world’s leading market on battery storage: Lots of solar, high prices, and a consumer base that is cost conscious and distrustful of incumbents. Add in a flash consumer product, and it has all the elements of an iPhone style revolution.

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AGL sees no mass market for battery storage before 2020s

AGL sees no mass market for battery storage before 2020, and is not sure Tesla product is suitable for Australia. It concedes it is behind in rooftop solar, but argues this is just one of basket of new technologies that will change consumer energy use. And it doesn't fear for its coal assets.

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