Energy Efficiency

CEFC announces $250m funding program to build energy efficient community housing

CEFC funding program aims to cut energy consumption of low-income households by 25% – an energy efficiency standard it says should apply to all Australian buildings.

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World’s largest office furniture manufacturer Steelcase signs deal for 25 MW of wind energy

The world’s largest manufacturer of office furniture will soon offset 70 percent of its total U.S. electricity usage with wind power .

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Australian solar roof tile developer to launch IPO

Sydney-based company behind solar PV integrated thermal roofing tiles that can generate both electricity and hot water hopes to raise $6,500,000 in an IPO.

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How quitting the grid – in an energy efficient home – will save you

Australians can now build a house using the latest modern building materials, methods, products, technology and ideas that will not only take you off grid, but remove the need for expensive heating and cooling. And all for a healthy return on investment.

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Hot summers nights, cold winter evenings: How to stay comfortable and save all year

Air conditioners drive up electricity demand, straining the electricity network. So what do you do if you want to enjoy a guilt-free, full night’s sleep?

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Adelaide school taps geothermal energy for pool heating, air conditioning

In a state first, St Peters College in South Australia will install a geothermal energy system to provide cheaper, renewable heating and cooling for its indoor pool facility.

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Homes of the future could use only 10% grid power: Synergy

WA network operator Synergy sees a future where new-build homes source only 10% of their energy from the grid. But with battery storage costs falling, will they bother with the grid at all?

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How renewables can kick industry’s gas habit: 1 report and 3 case studies

ARENA-backed report says there is a renewable energy alternative for most industry gas applications, to reduce the sector's exposure to an increasingly uncertain and costly gas market.

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Private electricity grids fuelled by renewable energy the future for communities

Zen launches an “end to end” service from power generation through to networks and retailing to deliver low cost renewable energy direct to entire communities.

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To add battery storage, or not to add battery storage…

The economics of battery storage depends where you live and who you live with, and if you are allowed to share energy. For some Australian households, battery storage could make sense as soon as 2018.

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