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Full interview with Kerry Dawborn

Our recent story about Kerry Dawborn told the story of the build of her home in Cockatoo, Victoria. However, our interview with Kerry had so much more information we decided to publish it in full here. When did you go off grid and why?  Was there a grid connection available at the time? My house is […]

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Story of an off-grid home: Intention + Design + Action = The future

Kerry Dawborn's off grid house is a beautifully sculpted small home built to a passive solar design and which incorporates work by local artisans and artists, and uses locally sources recycled materials to reduce its carbon footprint.

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Australia’s first community owned retailer awarded licence

Enova Energy becomes first community owned retailer to be awarded a licence, potentially providing a model in way energy is marketed in Australia.

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The 5×4 concept: How Melbourne photographer leads world in zero carbon living

Photographer Ralph Alphonso had planned to turn a small inner city property space - just 5 metres by 4 metres - next to his inner city photographic studio in east Melbourne into a car port with a roof. Instead, after prompting from his father, he came up with a better idea.

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NSW town provides blueprint for 100% renewable energy communities

Blueprint for NSW town of Uralla says getting to majority renewables can be relatively easy, and save a lot of money. Getting to 100% renewables, however, will be harder. But it seems lots of towns want to try.

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California’s capitol buildings move to 100% renewable energy

California to move government buildings to 100% renewable energy across the state.

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The energy efficient home extension: solar now, storage later

A home owner with a passion for sustainable living gathered good people around her to complete a energy efficient extension that is now a favourite space for family members to meet, eat and curl up with a good book.

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Consumers want to be energy self-sufficient – but who will help them do it?

Australian consumers want to embrace energy technologies like solar and storage that offer them cheaper electricity and greater energy independence – and power industry incumbents to meet this new wave of demand, or lose their grip on the market.

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Regional Vic health centre going solar via community funding model

Totally Renewable Yackandandah to use highly successful crowd funding model to install 90kW solar at local not-for-profit health care centre.

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Solar is great, but don’t trust Australia’s energy cartel

Powershop CEO Ben Burge sees the rush to rooftop solar as a symptom of the same problem that has made his upstart power retailer such a success – customer disaffection with the Australian energy cartel. But he's worried the solar revolution could have a sting in its tail for consumers.

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