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Greensburg, once destroyed by wind, now 100% wind-powered

Powerful winds once destroyed the town, but now wind power is the very foundation of Greensburg’s economy, an irony not lost on the town’s citizens.

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Off-grid, small hydro system to power Victorian alpine hub

A micro-hydro electricity system will form major part of Victoria state government-funded project to develop Australia’s first 100% renewable powered Alpine Hub.

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Bondi water treatment plant now 100% renewable – powered by Sydney waste

Waste biogas-fuelled cogeneration installed at Bondi Treatment Plant now generates more energy than the facility consumes.

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7 things NSW solar customers should consider as premium tariffs end

The good news is solar owners can still continue to get fantastic returns from their solar systems, the less good news is the returns won’t be the same and utility meters will need to be changed in most cases..

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Electricity bills are soaring, and that must be good for solar

I had been lead to believe that prices were going to be flat or at worst increasing only slightly, so what on earth is going on?

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Sweden opens its first electric road, to help power heavy transport

The electric road will test the use of electric power as an aid to heavy transport on public roadways.

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The added-value of a community-owned wind farm

Often talked about, rarely quantified – how much more revenue does a community-owned wind farm bring in for the community, as opposed to a project by out-of-towners?

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Can Kangaroo Island be powered by 100% renewable energy?

Institute of Sustainable Futures investigates prospects of powering iconic Kangaroo Island with wind, solar and storage. But it is a race against time.

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Byron Bay maps out a path to zero emissions by 2025

Byron Bay becomes first community to conduct full audit on its emissions, and map out a plan to reduce them to zero -with the help of solar, biomass, energy efficiency and transport and land use initiatives.

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America’s second-largest city on the verge of 100% renewables

It takes a lot of energy to run all the LA lights. But could it all be green? LA City Council is considering a motion to direct the municipal utility to shift the city to 100 per cent renewable energy.

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