Wheat farmers help drive 20% boost in WA rooftop solar uptake

Strong uptake in farming areas has helped drive big increase in rooftop PV penetration in WA, and 4 postcodes now rank in Australian top 20.

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NSW, ACT households face big hike in cost of installing solar PV

ACT and NSW utilities to boost metering charges for new solar installations by factor of nearly 10.

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Another WA housing estate to trial solar + storage via ‘shared strata’ model

Another WA housing estate to trial solar, storage using unique shared strata model to benefit investors and tenants, cutting grid energy consumption by 60%.

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NT vanadium mine to tap solar + redox battery storage for energy supply

Northern Territory mine to tap solar power plus vanadium redox battery storage for energy supplies, the latest miner to turn to renewables.

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Queensland pushes through massive rises in fixed electricity charges

Fixed charges to households surge, and may cost small business two-thirds of bill, as government-owned utilities move against solar, efficiency.

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Rooftop solar to overtake coal capacity in Australia by 2030

AEMO says rooftop solar capacity to grow to as much as 25GW, overtaking coal capacity in next decade as big generators close and household and businesses invest billions in local generation.

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Household and business rooftop solar PV forecasts – state by state

AEMO's state by state, medium and long term solar PV forecasts have been upgraded significantly from last year in almost every instance.

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Communities are taking renewable power into their own hands

Community energy is one of the answers could be one of the answers to the current energy transition.

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Rooftop solar to cut total grid demand to zero in South Australia

Energy market operator says rooftop solar will grow to the point where there is zero demand from the grid in South Australia during midday hours, and could provide one third of all generation throughout the year. Little wonder the state is considered to be leading the world in renewable energy adoption.

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What if every house had solar PV, and every car was electric?

New Zealand's biggest power generator imagines a scenario where every home had solar PV, and every car was electric. And it sees no problems.

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