Enphase doubles battery storage production target to 60,000 units

Enphase says it has doubled its production targets for its new battery storage system in Australia after an overwhelming response from consumers.

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Solar project gives ray of hope to struggling Australian grape growers

A renewable energy project in Australia’s largest grape growing region is giving struggling vignerons a sunny alternative.

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WA Aboriginal community switches to solar, looks to go off-grid

Aboriginal community near Kalgoorlie WA expects to displace 20% of its electricity use after installing a 36kW solar system using the "impact investment" model.

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Solar power: How renewables can rebuild struggling communities

NSW community group The Valley Centre is working with Aboriginal communities, focusing on rebuilding the resilience, self-determination and sustainability. Solar plays a key role.

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Australia’s top 10 solar postcodes

New charts showing the suburbs around Australia that are leading the charge on rooftop solar – and could wind up leading the charge on battery storage, too.

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A very Australian energy revolution: Why consumers love battery storage

Four out of five solar households interested in battery storage, with one out of four households considering using battery storage to quit the grid altogether.

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Repower Three raises $143k in one week for NSW community solar

Community energy group Repower Shoalhaven has reached its $143,500 target in just 7 days in its third funding round, which will put solar on local NSW businesses.

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Optimised inverters key to cutting soft costs of solar PV

With the state of PV market, installers can find it more difficult to stay profitable. Inverter selection can be key to this process..

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Australia’s top solar states and suburbs

Climate Council's latest data on household solar uptake suggests rooftop PV could soon be as “common as insulation” in some parts of Australia, with more than a dozen suburbs now recording penetration above 50 per cent.

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Victoria’s ‘largest’ community solar farm proposed for Wangaratta

A proposal for what could be Victoria’s largest collaborative solar farm is set to be announced on Thursday in Wangaratta, at the council-owned site where it would be built.

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