Millennials want solar, storage, shared energy – and an app for all that

A recent Accenture survey has asked Millennials – Australia's second-largest cohort after Gen X – what they want from their energy providers. The answers are a clarion call to those utilities and retailers who still believe business-as-usual will do.

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A battery power revolution in the making on Tasmania’s Bruny Island

Analysts predict a huge future for battery energy storage. On Tasmania’s Bruny Island we have a chance to see what this might look like.

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The fall and fall of rooftop solar prices: four years of data

After four years of tracking Australia's rooftop solar system prices, we take a look back over our data at some of the noteworthy trends that have emerged over this period.

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Bitcoin-inspired peer-to-peer solar trading trial kicks off in Perth

Perth start-up to begin trials of blockchain technology that, if successful, could kick off peer-to-peer solar trading in Australia.

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How to make Australia’s clean energy transition fair for all

The genie is well and truly out of the bottle on the benefits and possibilities of clean energy, but how do we ensure that all Australians can participate?

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Lismore community solar farms set for construction as investors pile in

Australia's first community-funded council solar farms ready to build after enough money raised to fund the two 100kW Lismore projects – and an additional solar farm.

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Case Study: Yulara Project

Behind the scenes of the first utility-scale plant to be proposed and completed by an Indigenous Land Council – the 1.8MW solar PV system at Ayers Rock Resort.

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The world’s largest virtual power plant: What’s in it for consumers?

Sunverge, the US-based energy management company supplying the "brains" for AGL's 5MW virtual power plant, explains how the project will benefit consumers.

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Are you making the most of your rooftop solar? Not likely

Despite having the world's highest per-capita penetration of rooftop solar – only a tiny percentage of those PV systems are being monitored for performance. So what are Australian consumers missing? And how can they get out of the shade?

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Solar Choice PV price index: August 2016

This August marks four full years of Solar Choice’s PV Price Index. Here are some charts following the changes in average solar PV system prices from 2012.

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