Guideline – create & manage press releases

Create press release

In the sub-menu, click Create Press Release.

Fill in the the Title field and write your text under Content. A toolbar above the writing area is helping for editing the text.

Create press release

Use the Add Media button to insert pictures into the text.

Add Media

While uploading and selecting the image it is possible to add a caption. Fill in the field Caption and then click Insert into post.


To add a featured image click on Add Image in the bottom of the page. This image will appear on top of the press release and on the press release preview on your profile page.

Add image

Upload and select a file and click Update.

Image update

Manage press release

To go back to the menu click on My account on the top right.

My account

Click on Manage press release. From there you can modify and edit your press release by clicking on Edit.

07 Edit press release