Why Aussie homes may be better off with smaller battery banks

You’re thinking about installing batteries for your solar PV system, but aren’t clear about how much storage capacity you need. Numbers suggest a smaller battery bank is probably a better investment than a larger one (at least for now).

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Off-grid adventures: Building Sri Lanka’s largest hybrid solar and storage system

When the opportunity presented to bid on a solar, wind and storage project on the island of Eluvaitivu, 4km offshore from the Northern Sri Lankan town of Kayts, Peter Bulanyi didn’t hesitate. Here's how the project – 46kW PV array, six 3.5kW wind turbines, and a 100kWh lithium-ion battery bank – unfolded.

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Why most commercial PV sales don’t proceed (and what to do about it)…

It’s a well-established trend: the Australian solar industry is increasingly turning to sales of commercial PV systems.

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NSW solar rebate a success for community

The much criticised NSW solar bonus scheme is due to end soon. It cost a lot less than feared - 50c/week to households - and laid the foundations for a clean energy industry.

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The truth about battery ready solar systems

Do you want your new solar system to be ‘battery ready’? First you have to know what that actually means.

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