Solar Insiders Podcast: Record installations, phantom sales, and the demise of the roof monkey

Australian rooftop solar installations surge to new records, but as we reveal on this podcast some big retailers are making significant sales without the means to install the panels.

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Major regulatory disruption to embedded networks on the horizon

Draft changes to frameworks regulating embedded networks in NEM propose exempt network service providers and exempt sellers face obligations closely mirroring those of distributers and retailers.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: What is going on in Victoria?

New rules, new interpretations of old rules, and restrictions best described as network stuff-ups is causing confusion and anger in the Victoria solar industry, currently the country’s biggest market.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: The solarisation of South Australia’s grid

The solarisation of South Australia’s grid, and hunting down solar cowboys in Victoria

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Solar Insiders Podcast: Murdoch media’s attack on solar

A breakdown of the Murdoch media’s ham-fisted attempt to demonise rooftop solar incentives, and Nigel Morris catches out some solar cowboys.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: Sales in the gutter

It has been a great year for solar, but as we reveal today, there are still some disturbing sales practices taking place. Customers be warned.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: Highs and lows, best and worst of 2018

It’s been a huge year for solar in Australia in 2018. In the final podcast of the year, we review the highs and lows, the best and the worst, and take a peek at next year.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: The RCR collapse; and two great new solar initiatives

This week we go to Sundowners, discuss the collapse of RCR, and interview Andrea Gaffney from Planet Renewables, and Chris McGrath from solar innovators 5B.

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Household battery storage incentive schemes: What’s available and where

If you pay attention to battery storage and smart distributed energy in Australia, you might have whiplash from the seemingly rapid-fire announcement of government support initiatives over the last few months.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: Elon Musk’s catching mitt, battery storage everywhere

Elon Musk’s giant catching mitt, new battery storage schemes, and the ongoing crackdown on crap solar.

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