Disruption… Smart solar power, solar storage, and home automation are redefining the status quo in Australia’s Energy Market, placing power firmly back in the hands of the consumer. Over the last 12 months, Solaray has been at the forefront of one of the most exciting transitions in the history of the solar industry.

Solaray is based in Glendenning, situated in the heartland of Western Sydney. Solaray have provided the best available solar technology, industry leading installation standards and customer support for the best part of a decade, ranking in the top 5 solar installers in Australia based on customer feedback.

Recently, Solaray recognised the solar industry was about to be tipped on its head, making the strategic decision to transition from a solar power installer to a provider of smart energy management technology, incorporating cloud-based monitoring, future-proof solar power systems, back to base system status alerts, home automation, and of course, battery storage.

Solaray is now one of the leading independent installers of residential solar storage systems in Australia, and was recently recognised as a key market player in the Microinverter and Battery Market from 2015-2023 by Transparency Market Research.

Over the last 12 months, Solaray has installed several highly-publicised solar storage installations including the first Enphase battery storage system in Australia, a number of the first Tesla Powerwall 1 batteries, the largest residential Enphase battery system in Australia with 12 x AC modules, and The Stucco Project; a groundbreaking 42.3kW solar storage solution for a student housing complex in Newtown, Sydney.

The next few years are set to be an exciting time for Solaray Energy as Australians recognise the potential of smart solar power, solar storage, and home automation as an effective way to reduce their power bills and their carbon footprint.