100 Year Old Battery technology comes back to life.

With all the hype about new battery technology it has created a hype about everyone wanting to be self sufficient and responsible for their own energy demands.

The one thing that stops most people is the cost and how long will they really last?

24 Hour Solar power import and supply a Nickel Iron Technology that has a 20 year warranty and a 30,000 cycle life expectancy.

Mike Haydon the director of 24 Hour Solar power was sold on them when he had a 6 Volt Edison cell (Nickel Iron Cell) from a car from the 1920’s and it still worked.

Having a 104 year Nickel Iron battery is a real selling point for the technology as its proven its self to last the test of time. Considering that when Thomas Edison originally sold the cell in the early 1900’s it had a 3 year life expectancy.

In 2016 Mike was offered the chance to restore and install a set of Edison cells that were pulled out of a system that was running a farm in Victoria until the 70’s.¬† Mike said yes he would be more than willing to get involved and see if they could bring¬† the cells back to life.

24 Hour solar power has not seen the cells yet as they are in transport and form the images above they look to be 88 x 200amp Nickel Iron Cells from the 1930’s.

Once the cells arrive they will be inspected and tested and the process will be begin to see if they do last as long as they say they do. Mike Haydon is confident that will come back to life. There are many examples in America of people doing the same thing and having success.

Haydon says there is very little difference in the new cells to the old. One of the big problems with the old cells was that the bottom would rust out if left on the dirt. The newer cells come in 2 different types of plastic to avoid the rusting out. The international construction is the same besides some slight advances in creating more surface area on the plates to increase there capacity for the same size Nife Cell.

To find out more contact the team at www.24hoursolarpower.com to see the videos of the process.