360Energy launches systems with next generation BYD B-Box HV Battery

The ultimate scalable battery solution to suit any home.

360Energy is proud to announce the release of its new solar + storage systems featuring BYD’s new B-Box HV lithium-ion batteries.

360Energy’s new BYD Systems feature unrivalled flexibility, allowing us to size systems for small or large homes, and small to medium business alike.  Our systems can be incorporated with new or existing solar systems, and new batteries can be added to old to expand the system over time.

Leading the world in rechargeable lithium technology and electric vehicles.  BYD’s batteries provide the highest output power and usable energy ratio in the industry.  BYD is a global IT, Automotive and New Energy giant committed to a sustainable future for all.

Doug Meldrum, 360Energy Sales & Marketing Manager says, “360Energy’s goal is to put our customers in control of their energy production and consumption.

BYD’s scalable battery system means we can tailor a system’s size to a home’s individual energy or budget needs.  If the household’s needs change over time we can expand the system, and most importantly BYD’s automotive know-how and battery chemistry ensures a safe, reliable and market leading lifespan.  Few battery systems combine this flexibility and level of performance.”

“Our August release will combine SMA’s world leading Sunny Boy Storage inverter technology with BYD B-Box HV Battery packages that will suit almost any home.  Early in Q4, 2017 we expect to increase our range with the addition of SMA’s new, larger Sunny Boy Storage 5.0 inverter which offers black-out protection and allows for bigger battery packages suitable for the largest of homes or business.”

“2017 has seen unprecedented power price increases and we believe the most cost-effective way for Australian homeowners and businesses to get back in control of their power costs yet maintain their lifestyle is to install a 360Energy solar storage system.  Our 360Energy systems provide visibility of the energy being generated and consumed, providing the homeowner with an energy alternative that they own and which they control and which costs far less to use”, says Meldrum.

360Energy solar storage systems are available in nearly all major cities and via its extensive regional Authorised Dealer network.

About 360Energy

Proudly anti-establishment, 360Energy’s disruptive approach to business is driven by a desire to put consumers in control of their energy production and consumption.

360Energy is an Authorised Reseller and key channel partner of BYD.  We have been leading and servicing the solar storage market for the last 4 years, achieving a 45 percent market share through our 360Storage Dealer Network in 2015.

With our next generation, integrated solar storage technology, we’re ready to introduce a new kind of power.

Responsible, knowledgeable, affordable, shareable power.

The kind of power that gives more than it takes, helping to protect our environment, fuel new industries and elevate the lives of everyday Australians – giving them the control and confidence they need to feel good about today and even better about tomorrow.


360Energy Pty Ltd

Doug Meldrum

General Manager Sales & Marketing

T: 1300 600 360

E: dmeldrum@360storage.com.au

W: www.360energy.com.au


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