Australian Vintage Increases Installation Size by 30% in Fourth Phase

Todae Solar recently completed a fourth phase of installation at Australian Vintage in Buronga Hill. This 825kW now brings the site to 1.65MW in total.

The partnership began in 2014, when renowned winemaker, Australian Vintage, contracted Todae Solar for a solution to reduce their energy usage. As one of the largest wineries in the country, with a worldwide distribution business, the energy costs to run their operations were massive. To that end, the scope of the project was very simple: reduce energy costs with exceptional solar performance.

Australian Vintage allocated an area of land for ground-mounted solar back in 2014 to initially trial a 100kW. Todae Solar successfully provided this, in terms of both quality and financial payback. The business case for rolling out large scale solar was compelling and as a result Australian Vintage have been consistently investing in expanding their solar generation capacity year on year since; 300kW in 2015 and 415kW in 2016.

Australian Vintage Increases System Size in Multiple Stages

Australian Vintage 415kW solar installation

October 2017

Australian Vintage Solar Installation

January 2018

Australian Vintage Solar Installation

March 2018

Now 4 years and 14,040 solar panels later, Australian Vintage is one of Australia’s premier case studies for quality in large-scale embedded generation and ground mounted solar installations. The project features high-efficiency panels for maximum output and longevity, innovative and industry-leading cable management solution, and a custom-built zero-export control system.

Commenting on the aesthetics of the project, Ray Pender, Australian Vintage’s Engineering Services Manager said, “[Todae Solar] has done an excellent job with his installation and is to be commended on the neatness and detail of execution with this project.”

Australian Vintage is achieving the balance of upfront capital investment while receiving the benefits of commercial solar power by planning their system’s expansion year by year. This model can work very well for businesses who wish to reap the ultimate savings from solar over the system’s lifetime, with lower initial cost. Australian Vintage is expected to save $2.2 million over 20 years with this investment.

Thanks to this installation, Australian Vintage has found a solution to meet their sustainability targets. Todae Solar has been proud to partner with Australian Vintage for the last four years and looks forward to strengthening this partnership through further solar development.

If you are interested in saving your organisation thousands, or even millions of dollars over the next 20 years, as we’re seeing with Australian Vintage, get in touch with a Todae Solar energy consultantand we will provide a free-no-obligation, custom solution for your business.

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