Hospitality Organisations Find Win-Win with Solar Power

Not even midway through the year, and a trend is emerging in commercial solar energy sales; the hospitality and leisure industry continues to be hot for solar power.

In the four months since starting the year, Todae Solar has seen large growth in the number of customers from clubs, resorts, and hotels all across Australia. Back in 2012 and 2013, clubs were some of the first in this space to realise the benefits from solar power. Todae Solar first saw uptake from Club Sapphire (95kW), Wagga Wagga Rules Club (76kW), and Euston Club & RSL (99kW).

With commercial solar power being more cost-effective than ever before, and an increasing number of people striving to support ‘green businesses’, solar power has increasingly become one of the favourite ways for hotel and club owners to hedge against rising energy prices.

With enormous energy needs to run lights, HVAC, and water heating, the U.S. Energy Star Program estimates that hotels spend around $2,196 per room annually ($2,828 AUD) – a rate that is comparable to Australia1.

The clients reaching out to Todae Solar to provide them with a commercial solar solution that reduces their energy and appeal to their customers range from the 402kW for North Lakes Sports Club, to 140kW for The Easts Group and 100kW for the Pendle Inn – as well as the fourth installation for Novotel, the 159kW at Barossa Valley Resort in South Australia. All the projects are set to come online later this year.

There has never been a better time for hotel owners and property managers around the country to cut energy costs while going green by installing solar. Todae Solar is one of the most experienced installers in Australia when it comes to the hospitality and leisure industry. Our 100kW installation at Accor’s Sydney Grand Quay was a finalist in the 2017 Clean Energy Council Design & Installation Awards. More and more organisations trust Todae Solar to be their commercial solar partner for this reason.

If you are interested in solar power for your hotel or club, contact a Todae Solar energy expert for a free energy consultation.