North Queensland Business Doing Part to Protect Great Barrier Reef Through Solar Power

A property owner managing a site for a medical surgery centre, Radiography Services, outside of Cairns will be turning on a 100kW commercial solar installation next month. While the business case for solar in a sunny place like Queensland is a no-brainer for many organisations hoping to gain some relief from rising energy costs, for businesses in North Queensland in particular, solar energy provides a solution helping protect one of their region’s most valuable and most vulnerable natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef.

Earlier this month, the 2018 budget was laid out and affirmed that there is no plan to reinvest in the Renewable Energy Target (RET) beyond its 2020 deadline, though there was $443.8 million to invest in research on coral reef restoration in order to build the Great Barrier Reef’s resilience to the bleaching and extreme weather associated with climate change.

Reducing greenhouse gases (GHG’s) through promoting clean energy has long been a cornerstone of governments worldwide for tackling the issue of climate change. Now businesses and property owners like Radiography Services are hurrying to get projects in the pipeline to install their projects while certificates (STC’s and LGC’s) are high while have an additional call to action to protect the Reef through reducing CO2 emissions.

A common side effect of global climate change, other than hotter temperatures, is more severe weather. That will not be a problem for Radiography Service’s system, which was specially designed by Todae Solar’s award-winning engineering team to withstand the cyclonic winds of the region.

“Our property’s roof is over 3000 square meters of flat metal roofing that would heat up in the blistering Cairns sun and radiate the heat energy down to the tenants below,” says Ben Gale, the property manager for Radiography Services. “Consequently we had to have 4 massive  96K/W air-condition working overtime in attempt to keep the building cool. Todae Solar offered a solution the harnessed those suns rays using high-quality solar panels to provide clean energy to the property with the added benefit of offering shading to a large portion of the roof. With a cooler roof, reduced energy consumption and a massive reduction in power bills it was a win-win situation all round.”

Once turned on next month, the 100kW system will generate an estimated 152,000kWh of clean electricity – helping offset the equivalent of powering 25 houses for one year. Over 20 years, the estimated carbon offset is 2,250 tonnes.

While installing solar has been growing in popularity amongst property owners for the benefits to tenants and the bottom line, for this building so close to the Great Barrier Reef, sustainability was a key factor. Solar offers property owners many additional benefits including tenant satisfaction and increasing the Green Star rating of their building. The tenants, Radiography Services, will also benefit from the boost to their green credentials for sustainability-minded clients.

Todae Solar congratulates Radiography Services on leading the way towards a cleaner and brighter future for the Great Barrier Reef through investing in renewables. Sustainability is at the core of our business. If you are interested in reducing your business’s environmental impact while saving tens of thousands of dollars on electricity costs, contact Todae Solar for a free, no-obligation quote.

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