Not-for-Profit Off Grid Operations Station

Yankaninna Station in the Flinders Ranges hosts more than 400 at-risk teenagers annually on wilderness adventure programs run by not-for-profit organisation Operation Flinders.

The 72 panel mini-grid system provides power to all 12 buildings on the station, plus various street lighting and pumping equipment. The system has enabled the decommissioning of one diesel generator and significantly reduced the ongoing use of another.

tilt array

Off-Grid Energy’s Sean LePoidevin said that because of extreme site temperatures, the company custom built the system to include ‘active ventilation’ – programmed to draw external cooler air into the compartment and expel hot internal air when certain temperatures were detected.

Hugh Driscoll (L) and Sean LePoidevin (R)
Hugh Driscoll (L) and Sean LePoidevin (R)

Installed in 2013, the mini-grid system has reduced Operation Flinders’ diesel fuel costs from $5,000 per exercise to $600 per exercise, a saving of about $60,000 per year.

Recently retired Operation Flinders director, John Shepherd, said the foundation had a strong commitment to the environment, and the use of solar energy sits comfortably with its ‘tread lightly’ philosophy.

installing Tindo brackets

“Off-Grid Energy spent a considerable amount of time determining not only our existing energy requirement but our plans for the development of the property. The installation, whilst carried out in very trying conditions, was first rate.” he said.

Off-Grid Energy are proud to be members of the international Alliance for Rural Electrification, and the Operation Flinders installation was featured in their Best Practices Guide: ARE_Best_Practises_2013_FINAL

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