Todae Solar Named Australia’s #1 Commercial Installer for 3rd Year in a Row

The numbers are in for 2017, and for the third year in a row, Todae Solar sits atop the Australian commercial solar industry.  In what is a momentous achievement given an ever increasingly competitive market, Todae Solar has been ranked Australia’s Number 1 commercial solar installer.

Verified and ranked by Sunwiz Consulting, an independent solar consultancy, Todae Solar has installed more behind-the-meter commercial solar (based on systems larger than 30kW) than any other solar installer in Australia. SME’s and larger tier 1 companies alike comprise the data that includes systems under the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme and Large-Scale Generation Certificate (LGC) projects.

According to Sunwiz, the industry overall installed more solar than ever before in 2017 amongst a backdrop of rapidly escalating energy prices – making it a record breaking year.

“Our numbers aren’t finalised yet … but our 2017 Australian PV installation tally now sits at 1.25GW,” said SunWiz managing director, Warwick Johnston, outlining the highlights from the company’s 2017 Year in Review.

Sunwiz Consulting Year in Review 2017

Demand by businesses seeking to lock in long term energy rates and save tens of thousands – or even upwards of millions of dollars – has led the commercial solar market to be one of the fastest growing segments in the industry.

In the commercial sector alone, volume doubled in 2017 for 101-1000kW range according to Sunwiz’s 2017 Year in Review. This is congruent with growth seen by Todae Solar; the company installed more over-100kW LGC projects than ever before – and even installed more LGC projects than sub-100kW STC projects for the first time ever. Instead of choosing to install smaller, easier projects, evolving customer requirements led Todae Solar to make a shift towards more optimum energy solutions; one that has been subsequently noticed by the larger industry. We expect this trend of larger system sizes to continue for 2018.

Similarly, another trend set by Todae Solar that seemed to go mainstream in 2017 were multi-site rollouts. Whereas previously, Todae Solar had to coach clients to see the benefits of installing solar projects across a portfolio, 2017 saw a shift with organisations actively seeking solar across their portfolios. With a handful of multi-site rollouts under their belt, Todae Solar hit a stride in 2017 with several megawatts of multi-site rollouts for organisations like Aldi, several universities including La Trobe University, and Freedom Furniture.

Todae Solar CEO, Danin Kahn attributes the company’s ability to continue to be number one to “an excellent team, strong capabilities, a good track record in the market, and our commitment to quality and strong partnerships with our clients.”

Indeed this formula for success is why not only new customers like CanonSt Vincent’s Health Australia and AstraZeneca chose Todae Solar as their solar partner, but why many of them, including a number of Councils, already have additional projects under construction with Todae Solar for 2018.

Kahn added, “We have won or been a finalist in the CEC’s Design and Installation Awards for five out of the last six years and have maintained our ranking as the number 1 commercial installer in the last three. This is because we refuse to compromise on quality whilst ensuring we’re providing our clients with competitive pricing.”

When considering what’s next for 2018, Kahn alluded to geographical growth, expansion of installations featuring carports, trackers and storage, and leveraging leading-edge, internal R&D to continue to innovate and lead the industry.

Todae Solar thanks the hundreds of organisations that have chosen Todae Solar as their energy partner and helped make them Australia’s Number 1 installer for the third year running. If you are interested in solar power for your business or organisation, contact a Todae Solar energy consultant for a fast, no obligation feasibility study.

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