Why Solar Helps Your Brand

While it’s true that the cost of buying and installing solar panels has significantly dropped in the last five years while electricity prices continue to skyrocket in Australia, smart businesses are making the switch to solar power for benefits that go beyond just financial.

It’s well known that many ASX-listed companies are making the transition to solar power, SME’s and corporates of all sizes are also leveraging the ability to lock in cheap, long-term energy rates while also receiving substantial marketing benefits.

 St Vincent’s Health Australia 2.8MW solar rollout featured in Hospital Healthcare Magazine Autumn 2017.

Businesses that go solar now can capitalise on the multiple brand-boosting benefits that comes with commercial solar power:

Win more customers

Increasingly, current and potential customers are choosing, or at least attracted to, businesses with good corporate social responsibility (CSR). A commitment to sustainability can sets companies apart from competitors and the examples of businesses winning contracts for CSR reasons are plentiful. It is estimated that 30 percent of consumers plan to increase their spending at socially responsible companies1.

Simply put, buyers love products and services that are powered by the sun. Further, promoting your new solar project provides a great opportunity to raise awareness of your brand in a newsworthy and positive way.

Improve employee satisfaction

Like buyers, employees are increasingly looking to work for sustainability-minded companies. In fact, according to the Journal of Management Studies, when employees feel that their organization is socially/environmentally responsible, they experience a greater sense of identity with the business they work for; which enhances satisfaction, retention, and recruitment.

The Journal also notes that social responsibility can be more important than financial success in determining how much employees identify with their workplace. By demonstrating your company’s commitment to solar power, your employees will be happier, more productive, and invested in the company mission.

Support the local economy

It is hard to outsource solar jobs. And for Todae Solar, we are Australian owned and operated. When a business contracts Todae Solar, our installers are from the local market. When the demand for solar projects increase, the availability of quality, good-paying jobs also increases. Solar workers may just become your future customers as well.

Getting solar panels is one of the best investments to score benefits across multiple parts of your business. They provide steady financial returns, have short payback periods, and help businesses hedge against rising energy prices – all while posing no disruption to operations.

If you’re interested in exploring more about the benefits of solar power and how it can help your brand, get in touch with a Todae Solar Energy Consultant today!

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