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World’s largest virtual power plant trial a big hit with SA consumers

AGL Energy says SA virtual power plant well ahead of schedule after 150 first round battery systems snapped up by consumers.

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AGL tips $500,000 into solar installations for community housing

AGL Energy joins forces with NSW govt on $1m pilot program to install solar on community housing in Sydney – cutting energy costs for tenants by more than $400 a year.

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Largest solar array installed at an Australian winery passes half-way mark

AGL chief says 1.4MW solar PV array across Yalumba wineries in SA shows how distributed energy empowers business, offering greater control of energy use and costs, resilience during system failures.

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The world’s largest virtual power plant: What’s in it for consumers?

Sunverge, the US-based energy management company supplying the "brains" for AGL's 5MW virtual power plant, explains how the project will benefit consumers.

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AGL updates energy management app to include solar performance data

AGL Energy has released a new version of its energy management app that includes data on customers' rooftop solar performance, and "in future" could allow them to trade directly with the grid.

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AGL adds two new, larger battery systems to energy storage suite

AGL launches two new residential battery offerings from Sunverge aimed at households who are large energy consumers and have between 4-5kW of rooftop solar.

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UBS: Battery storage payback for solar households will be 5-6 years by 2020

New report predicts 'mass adoption' of battery storage by Australian solar households could be just five years away, as costs fall by more than 60%. And household storage could play a key role in a 50% renewables target.

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Why some customers could be better off with no solar feed in tariff

IPART says beware of retailers offering high solar tariffs - some customers might be better off going with retailer that offers no tariff because of other not-so-hidden charges.

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