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CUB nears 100% renewables, as PPA with Karadoc solar farm kicks in

CUB now sourcing 90% of its electricity needs from solar, after its PPA with the 112MW Karadoc solar farm kicked in this week. Final 10% to be met with rooftop PV "soon".

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More solar beer, as NSW 4 Pines launches 100kW crowd-funding round

Manly-based 4 Pines Brewing Company wants investors from its local community to back the installation of 100kW of solar.

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Brewer CUB aims to go 100% solar by end 2018

Australia's biggest brewer, CUB, signs deal with new 112MW solar farm near Mildura as part of its plans to go 100% renewables by the end of this year, saying it will lower and lock in electricity costs. The shift to renewables by Australia’s manufacturing base is accelerating.

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