Australia installs its first solar farm in Antarctica – a 30kW vertical array

Desert-based renewables outfit Masdar helps install Australia's first Antarctic solar array – a 105 panel system mounted on a wall at the Casey research station.

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Australian battery price war resumes, with Powerwall 2 delivery just ‘weeks away’

With the first shipment of Tesla's Powerwall 2 battery systems set to hit Australian shores, prices of home energy storage continue to tumble, shifting the target market from early adopters, to the "early majority".

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Tesla releases full list of Model X prices ahead of EV’s arrival in Australia

While the car is yet arrive on Australian shores, the full list of prices for Tesla's Model X has been released, ranging from $A120,000 - $A210,000.

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Electricity consumers are switching off – and here’s why

Major Australian survey paints a picture of an electricity market where consumers are not seeing value from their service providers, so are looking elsewhere to find it – a trend that will drive battery storage uptake and could double rooftop solar penetration in most states and territories.

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First Enphase battery storage system installed in Sydney house

Enphase Energy has installed its first battery storage beta system at a house in Sydney, in final phase of testing of the US-made technology before mass market rollout.

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Solar + storage: Cheaper energy, closer to home in remote Australia

The shift to solar and storage for two off-grid Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory not only cut energy costs by more than 50%, but strengthened cultural ties to country, and explored sustainable land use activities that bring jobs, training and an income – building a sustainable economy on homelands.

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Zero emissions Tesla taxi service takes off in Sydney

Sydney-based taxi service offering "luxury transfers" in Tesla Model S electric vehicles grows four-fold in 12 months, looks to expand around Australia.

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Australia’s top 10 solar postcodes

New charts showing the suburbs around Australia that are leading the charge on rooftop solar – and could wind up leading the charge on battery storage, too.

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Australia’s top solar states and suburbs

Climate Council's latest data on household solar uptake suggests rooftop PV could soon be as “common as insulation” in some parts of Australia, with more than a dozen suburbs now recording penetration above 50 per cent.

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Enphase battery storage sales commence in Australia, NZ

Enphase Energy's 1.2kWh residential battery storage system has officially gone on sale in Australia, ahead of the first shipment, expected in August.

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