Battery to slash energy costs at SA art gallery

A smart energy storage system has been switched on at the first of a series of public institutions seeking to reduce energy bills in South Australia.

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Off grid on a shoe-string: 30 years of DIY solar and storage

I have been off grid for over 30 years, starting with just one 40W panel made in Australia from American components. Now an age pensioner, I finally have all the appliances I only used to dream of - like an electric fridge, a washing machine, e-bikes and trikes, power tools.

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Battery storage to be “standard” in new-build houses within years

Key solar and building industry player CSR Bradford says solar and battery storage will be standard features in all new-build homes in Australian in just a few years.

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Tesla Powerwall 2 battery storage opens for orders in Australia

Tesla's 14kWh Powerwall 2 batteries open for order in Australia, with installations set to begin in Feb 2017 – just as 100s of thousands of solar households lose their premium FiT.

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Senior Google executive installs first Redflow ZCell at off-grid property

The first customer installation of Redflow's residential battery storage offering – the ZCell – has been completed at an off-grid property south of Adelaide.

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Why battery storage doesn’t pay without rooftop solar

“Arbritrage” sounds like a brilliant idea, but is it really worthwhile charging a battery from the grid at off-grid prices?

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Household battery storage costs: So near and yet so far

Our cost of energy charts for battery storage suggest Tesla is now in the middle of the pack, Enphase looks relatively cheap and none of them is cheap enough.

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CSIRO scientists say “salt bath” will boost lithium-ion battery performance, safety

Australian research team hails a potential game changer for lithium-ion battery performance – and for electric vehicles.

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More Australian Tesla Powerwall re-sellers named, including CSR

More Australian companies named as re-sellers of the Tesla Powerwall 7kWh residential battery, including energy efficiency company CSR Bradford.

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First Panasonic solar plus battery storage trial launched in Canberra

First in a series of Australian network-led trials of Panasonic's residential battery storage offering launched in Canberra at home of ActewAGL employee.

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