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Community-scale solar can power corporations, too

Corporations are entering the renewables market in force, and they will find much to like in the community-scale solar market.

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Kangaroos add 200kW solar system at North Melbourne HQ

AFL team Kangaroos will cut grid power consumption by nearly 25% with 200kW solar system installed at Nth Melbourne HQ.

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Installation begins on 500kW solar array for Canberra Hospital

ACT govt-funded installation of 500kW solar array is underway at Canberra Hospital, part of project that will save it $490,000 by 2017-18.

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Solar crowd-funding hits $120,000 mark for 99kW Abbotsford Convent project

A huge $60,000 raised in 30-day Pozible campaign rounds off $120,000 for 99kW PV system at Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne – Australia’s largest crowd-funded solar project, to date.

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Queensland school installs solar and battery storage – an Australian first

A 194kW solar system with 250kWh of battery storage installed at Bundaberg Christian College will cut the school's grid power use by 80% and save it up to $100,000 a year.

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Community solar project aims to fund 99kW system at Abbotsford Convent

The People’s Solar has launched its most ambitious project yet, to raise $120k for a 99kW solar system for Melbourne's Abbotsford Convent. If successful, it will be Australia's largest crowd-funded solar project, to date.

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CEFC-Westpac scheme to help business adopt solar, battery storage, EVs

CEFC teams with Westpac and energy services company Verdia to help Australian businesses with energy saving, electric vehicles.

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University of Melbourne wants to install 1.8MW of solar PV across campuses

The University of Melbourne has launched a tender for the installation of 1.8MW of rooftop solar systems across its Victorian campuses, as part of a $9.1m program of works financed by the CEFC.

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Can solar work for a motel? It all comes out in the wash

The owner of a Ballarat motel has installed an 83kW rooftop solar system, not just to cut electricity costs, but to slash thousands of dollars off its monthly laundry bill. Here's how.

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Ayers Rock Resort to get 15% of power needs from sun, with installation of 1.8MW solar array

CEFC funded 1.8MW rooftop solar array installed at Ayers Rock Resort in Central Australia will supply 15 per cent of the huge complex's energy needs, cut its dependence on diesel.

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