Community energy

Xenophon’s SA BEST unveils community electricity co-op plan

SA BEST promises cut state power prices by up to 20%, build new renewables, with community electricity retailer scheme.

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SA councils launch tender for “bigger better” community energy plan

Group of six SA councils is calling for proposals to deliver solar, battery storage and smart controls to its 120,000-strong regional community.

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Power struggle: First Nations fight to stay on country, and off grid

Astronomical electricity bills are so often the final straw for Australia's remote Indigenous communities, consuming more than half of families' annual income and, in some cases, driving them off country. But with the help of renewables, they're taking the power back.

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People’s Powerwall: Solar + Tesla battery storage crowd-funded for Melbourne community centre

Crowdfunding helps deliver 40kW solar plus 6.4kWh Tesla Powerwall battery storage system for Footscray Community Arts Centre.

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P2P energy sharing start-up brings Brooklyn Microgrid smarts to Australia

US pioneers of blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading, LO3, set up in Byron Bay with plans to trial its TransActive Grid technology in Australia.

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Community solar with a view: Why sharing may be future of energy

NSW property development offers a tree change, and a share in an energy utility: a purpose-built, community-owned embedded network through which they can buy, sell and store solar electricity, peer-to-peer.

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Lismore Community Solar set to launch investment offer

Investment offer for first solar farms to be co-owned by local government and the community - two 100kW projects in Lismore - to be launched next week.

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Community-supported development: A first step to community solar for all

In the US, communities and governments drive more sustainable, inclusive economies by leveraging local solar – most recently in the form of community-scale solar.

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Repower Three raises $143k in one week for NSW community solar

Community energy group Repower Shoalhaven has reached its $143,500 target in just 7 days in its third funding round, which will put solar on local NSW businesses.

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Victoria’s ‘largest’ community solar farm proposed for Wangaratta

A proposal for what could be Victoria’s largest collaborative solar farm is set to be announced on Thursday in Wangaratta, at the council-owned site where it would be built.

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