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BYD goes big on small and flexible, in new battery storage push

Chinese battery maker BYD unveils updated range of modular “solar batteries” for Australian market, as it turns up the heat on Tesla and other rivals.

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CEFC backed green loan scheme hopes to boost EV uptake

New green loan scheme backed by Clean Energy Finance Corporation to offer cheaper finance to buy and lease low and zero emissions vehicles.

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Why electric vehicles are the new air conditioners

EVs are quickly becoming one of the largest flexible loads on the grid in some areas, with growth that parallels the increase in numbers of air conditioners years ago.

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WA solar installer teams with EV company to offer “complete package”

Infinite Energy says partnership with JET Charge will "complete the picture" for customers, adding EV charging to solar, battery storage and retail electricity offering.

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Hanergy unveils solar powered “zero charge” EVs

Chinese solar panel maker Hanergy has announced plans to commercialise four PV-powered – “zero charging” – electric vehicle models of its own design.

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Citizen utility: Housing estate to offer solar, storage and EVs to residents

New housing development in Fremantle will offer rooftop solar, battery storage, electric vehicles and peer-to-peer trading to its residents. Welcome to the "citizen utility".

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Dubbo mayor drives fully electric Nissan Leaf, powered by the sun

NSW city of Dubbo claims to have "Australia's first" fully electric mayoral vehicle, a Nissan Leaf that is charged daily by the mayor's home solar system.

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Taste of Tasmania by Tesla Model S85: 10 days energized with renewable energy

Tasmania is ideally suited to electric cars and EV tourism because nearly all of its electricity needs are generated as renewable hydro- and wind energy. Here's our tale of our trip around Tasmania by a Tesla EV.

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Lorraine, 80, has solar and storage. Now she wants an electric vehicle

Lorraine Hughes was enjoying solar power long before it became mainstream, but since her retirement took herself back to university and has become an environmental educator. Now, she'd like an electric vehicle.

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Consumers want to be energy self-sufficient – but who will help them do it?

Australian consumers want to embrace energy technologies like solar and storage that offer them cheaper electricity and greater energy independence – and power industry incumbents to meet this new wave of demand, or lose their grip on the market.

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