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Hurricane Harvey creates new abnormal for the electric grid

Stories are emerging about microgrids and distributed energy systems keeping critical services up and running despite Hurricane Harvey’s best efforts to do them in.

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Hybrid office building in Adelaide cuts cord to electricity grid

Fluid Solar's Adelaide HQ - powered by a combination of thermal and battery storage, along with solar PV and wind energy - has cut its connection to the grid in what its owners claim to be a world first.

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Homes of the future could use only 10% grid power: Synergy

WA network operator Synergy sees a future where new-build homes source only 10% of their energy from the grid. But with battery storage costs falling, will they bother with the grid at all?

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Synergy proposes ‘sun tax’ on WA solar households

A proposal by Western Australia’s state-owned electricity provider, Synergy, to effectively double the charge to connect the state’s more than 191,000 solar households to the grid has been slammed as unfair and counter-productive.

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