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The energy revolution is here – but are consumers invited?

Early adopters of rooftop solar, and now battery storage, have got Australia's energy revolution well underway. But what's in it for those of us still smarting from a 200% increase in power bills? And how can we make the new energy market a fair one?

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Credit where it’s due: How distributed energy could save $1bn on grid costs

As the industry awaits the regulator's decision on a proposed NEM rule change that would give "local network credits" to distributed energy generators, a major Australian study has found such a measure could save $1.2bn on avoided network infrastructure costs.

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Redflow reports strong interest in household flow battery technology

Redflow's Simon Hackett sees strong interest in Australian flow battery technology, and is rolling up his sleeves and giving installation instructions himself.

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Electricity consumers are switching off – and here’s why

Major Australian survey paints a picture of an electricity market where consumers are not seeing value from their service providers, so are looking elsewhere to find it – a trend that will drive battery storage uptake and could double rooftop solar penetration in most states and territories.

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