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“Daylight robbery” – NSW solar feed-in tariff slashed by 44%

Solar and green groups slam IPART decision to cut NSW solar feed-in tariff, compare it to "getting a pay cut for working overtime."

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Short-term thinking on energy and water is costing NSW consumers billions

IPART's pricing and regulatory decisions can make significant impacts on water and energy costs – potentially relieving billions in the future. Blind faith that the past represents the future will do the opposite.

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NSW solar tariff cut – reward for slashing power price peaks

NSW pricing regulator flags a cut to state's solar feed-in tariff, linked to fall in wholesale power prices rooftop solar helped deliver.

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Victoria regulator finalises new time-varying tariffs for solar exports

Victoria regulator finalises decision on Australia's first time-varying feed-in tariffs for solar, although acknowledges risks some users could abuse system by charging batteries at night.

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NSW solar bonus scheme ends this year: what are your options?

As NSW's relatively generous solar rates come to a close, 150,000-odd solar homes are looking to make the transition as painless as possible. So what are your options? We break them down for you.

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Five things to consider for solar homes coming off premium FiTs

With more than 275,000 solar households set to come off premium feed-in tariffs. A new report offers advice on how to cushion the blow.

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NSW solar feed-in tariff edged up to reflect rising electricity prices

IPART raises recommended ‘benchmark range’ for NSW solar feed-in tariffs to reflect rising wholesale electricity prices.

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Greens leader Greg Barber goes solar + Tesla storage to sidestep perverse energy markets

The home of the Victorian Greens leader has become the first in the state to install a Tesla Powerwall battery, alongside a 5kW solar system. Barber says solar plus storage is the only way to tackle Victoria's "perverse" energy markets.

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Solar feed-in tariff programs end soon. So what happens next?

The premium solar feed-in tariffs will end in three Australian states this time next year. Households should start thinking about what this means, and what they should do. Here is a guide.

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Why some customers could be better off with no solar feed in tariff

IPART says beware of retailers offering high solar tariffs - some customers might be better off going with retailer that offers no tariff because of other not-so-hidden charges.

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