Horizon Power

WA is swapping 54km of poles and wires for solar and battery storage

Horizon Power is decommissioning 54km of poles and wires and replacing them with 13 Micro Power Systems combining solar, battery storage and a back-up diesel generator.

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Solar and battery underway in Australia’s “largest” renewables microgrid

Second phase underway in plan to power Pilbara town of Onslow with 50 per cent renewables, with contracts for solar farm and utility-scale battery storage awarded.

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Horizon Power takes Exmouth golf club off the grid, to save money

WA regional utility takes Exmouth Golf Club off the grid, and supplies solar and storage in order to save costs.

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Solar and battery storage on Horizon: WA utility launches two major trials

Two trials by Horizon Power test grid value of distributed solar and storage, and role of utility-scale battery storage in smoothing and supporting an increasingly renewables-integrated network.

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WA national park taken off-grid by local network

Horizon Power's stand-alone power project taking Fitzgerald River National Park off-grid with solar, battery storage and back-up diesel.

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Horizon Power extends WA off-grid solar and storage trial

WA network operator to take more remote regional customers off grid, with solar, battery storage and back-up diesel, after success of 2016 pilot.

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Batteries arrive for Horizon’s grid-scale “spinning reserve” trial

Two large-scale batteries will be trialled as back-up power at an islanded 17MW power station in Carnarvon WA.

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Stand-alone solar and battery storage trial kicks off in rural WA

WA utility Western Power has installed six stand-alone solar and battery storage power around the state as part of $4m pilot project investigating how electricity can be delivered to rural and remote customers.

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WA power utility to lead big switch to local generation

WA power utility Horizon is leading a big switch from centralised fossil fuel generation to local generation. The economics of past supply models are no longer competitive with current and future technology choices.

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