CHP microgrid a prescription for sustainable energy

A combined heat and power microgrid at a Texas hospital benefits the larger community, thanks to a utility/customer partnership.

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Solar and salt water battery storage used to create “nanogrid” of future

An innovative AC/DC nanogrid using solar and salt-water battery storage by Aquion has been completed in the US.

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United Energy taps solar, storage, software to defer network upgrade

GreenSync to deliver landmark community-based demand response, energy storage project for United Energy to defer need for network upgrades on Mornington Peninsula.

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WA power utility to lead big switch to local generation

WA power utility Horizon is leading a big switch from centralised fossil fuel generation to local generation. The economics of past supply models are no longer competitive with current and future technology choices.

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NY community microgrid to allow peer-to-peer rooftop solar trading

A start-up called the Brooklyn Microgrid is developing a ground-breaking software and hardware platform that will allow locally connected residents to buy and sell renewable energy from rooftop solar installations.

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A tale of two (Australian) microgrids

Microgrids will be a huge part of the world's future energy landscape, so we take a look at two different versions of the technology paving the way in Australia.

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Suburban micro-grid development explored in ARENA-backed project

ARENA-backed project to investigate how PV and storage systems could provide ‘behind the meter’ power needs for suburban communities.

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South Australia retirement village to be powered by renewable microgrid

University of South Australia to co-develop an energy self-sufficient retirement village, with a renewable micro-grid of solar and battery storage, managed with energy demand software.

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