Queensland to get battery boost as government launches grant and loan scheme

Queensland Labor launches scheme offering 1500 Queensland households and small businesses interest-free loans and grants of $3000 to buy batteries or combined solar-battery systems.

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Home battery storage has trebled – but should you be installing it?

Battery storage uptake by Australian households is starting to take off. But is it a financial no-brainer? New analysis from SunWiz says ... it's complicated. If you care about return on investment, there's some things you should know.

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How I became the first SonnenFlat customer and got my electricity bills down to $0

Receiving your electricity bill can be frightening, but there is a way out. I know – I’ve already found it.

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Is public uncertainty holding back Australia’s home battery boom?

Australians love the idea of battery storage, in much the same spirit with which they embraced rooftop solar – as a means to cut electricity bills, gain control over their own power, help save the environment, and/or stick it to the man. But a new report has shown that they don’t quite get it... yet.

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Powerwall 2: Tesla doubles up on battery storage and slashes costs

At double the capacity and almost half the cost/kWh, Tesla's Powerwall 2 illustrates the break-neck speed at which battery storage is evolving.

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Blackout sparks demand boost as consumers seek reliability in solar and battery storage

In some political and media circles, South Australia's recent power woes have been cause to question the reliability of distributed renewables. For consumers, however, these events have had precisely the opposite effect, as interest in solar and battery storage spikes.

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So, you want to buy battery storage?

Most Australian households looking at battery storage just want to make the most of their solar investment and use as little grid supplied energy as possible. But what should they look to buy?

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