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Half of all Australian rooftops could go solar, new mapping tool reveals

New online mapping tool shows "enormous untapped potential" for rooftop solar in Australia, including up to 50 per cent in major Australian cities.

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Short-term thinking on energy and water is costing NSW consumers billions

IPART's pricing and regulatory decisions can make significant impacts on water and energy costs – potentially relieving billions in the future. Blind faith that the past represents the future will do the opposite.

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Solar CBD: How Melbourne buildings – including MCG – could become a PV powerhouse

New report finds that 38% of City of Melbourne total roof space could be fitted with 416MW of solar panels – enough to power 112,000 average Victorian homes, meet 12 per cent of the area's electricity needs, and cut businesses' collective power costs by more than $100 million.

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Shepparton council set to go solar, as PV farm plans remain in limbo

City of Greater Shepparton awards tender to install solar across council buildings; awaits state govt decision on 250MW of proposed solar farms.

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Victorian government backs push for solar on all new-build homes

Vic govt unveils $2.18m plan to partner with land developers and home builders to supply zero net carbon homes – rooftop solar included – around Melbourne.

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Solar cemetery considered in Ballarat Community Power scheme

Regional cemetery business looks to go solar – and all electric – as one of first projects to come out of Victorian government's Community Power Hubs.

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Solar rebate debate: It’s nothing to do with men in tights

The idea that solar rebates are a "Reverse Robin Hood" mechanism is entirely incorrect. Rather, they empower the solar industry to offer real solutions for those most in need.

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Solar installed on 500 public housing homes in Queensland, focus turns to rental market

Qld govt scheme installs rooftop solar on 350 low-income homes in Cairns and Rockhampton, 130 in Lockhart River. Households expected to save up to $250 a year.

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NSW solar tariff cut – reward for slashing power price peaks

NSW pricing regulator flags a cut to state's solar feed-in tariff, linked to fall in wholesale power prices rooftop solar helped deliver.

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Adding solar or batteries to an existing system? This might help

Adding more solar and/or batteries to your rooftop solar system is a complicated business. We have put together a tool to narrow down your range of options – and help you make the right decision.

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