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New study finds Evacuated Tube solar hot water often pays for itself quicker than typical solar electricity systems

People should be considering solar hot water (SHW) and solar power (PV) in combination, rather than entirely covering their roof with PV.

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First community owned retailer to begin operations after meeting funds target

Enova Community Energy is set to create history and take on the established electricity retailers after raising enough money to begin operations. It will offer solar and storage solutions and help the northern rivers community towards 100% renewable energy.

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Victorian government paves way for rooftop solar leasing

Victoria’s Labor government changes regulations to give households access to rooftop solar through no-money-down leasing deals with solar companies.

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Solar feed-in tariff programs end soon. So what happens next?

The premium solar feed-in tariffs will end in three Australian states this time next year. Households should start thinking about what this means, and what they should do. Here is a guide.

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Australian shared solar technology targets untapped rental market

Australian tech startup, Matter, has launched a technology that aims to give Australia’s 2.4 million rented households access to cheaper solar power.

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Synergy proposes ‘sun tax’ on WA solar households

A proposal by Western Australia’s state-owned electricity provider, Synergy, to effectively double the charge to connect the state’s more than 191,000 solar households to the grid has been slammed as unfair and counter-productive.

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Battery storage: What’s on offer, and by whom? (updated)

Amid predictions that half of all Australian households will have solar and battery storage within the decade, it's time to do a stocktake of what is available on the Australian market. (This is an updated list).

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A bold community plan to convince business to put 2MW of solar on their rooftops

A retired arts consultant is leading a push to encourage 100 businesses in northern NSW to install 2MW of rooftop solar, and save money.

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Award-winning off-grid solar+battery storage home… for less than $300,000

An off-grid modular home in Trentham, Victoria, designed and built for less than $300k, has won a top energy efficiency award.

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To add battery storage, or not to add battery storage…

The economics of battery storage depends where you live and who you live with, and if you are allowed to share energy. For some Australian households, battery storage could make sense as soon as 2018.

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