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Why some customers could be better off with no solar feed in tariff

IPART says beware of retailers offering high solar tariffs - some customers might be better off going with retailer that offers no tariff because of other not-so-hidden charges.

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Preparing a private home and rental property for energy storage revolution

Leigh Adamson recently bought the house next door to create a rare half acre block in suburbia. He now has an alternative retirement income and is readying both homes for the oncoming energy storage revolution with small grid-connect solar systems.

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W.A. sees solar future, but battery storage and EVs are not allowed

W.A. energy minister Mike Nahan has done an about-face and predicted that solar will dominate the future. But the state owned utilities require solar households to sign contracts promising not to install battery storage or purchase electric vehicles.

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An energy freedom home is a zero emissions home

Gas was once considered a clean, green and cheap fuel. Now it is no longer clean, no longer green and certainly not cheap.

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Indigenous Australian 10kWh battery system set to launch – cheaper than Tesla

Brisbane indigenous company to launch 10kWh home battery storage system that it says will be cheaper than its closest competitors.

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Victoria solar feed-in tariff to be slashed to 5c/kWh in 2016

Essential Services Commission confirms plan to cut Victoria solar FiT to 5c/kWh, one week after state govt promised to fight for rooftop solar rights.

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Sydney office building overhaul adds 99kW raised rooftop solar plant

Photon Energy Australia installs 99kW raised solar system on office building in Macquarie Park, Sydney, as part of a major renovation.

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Canberra Hospital to get 500kW solar system, in $3.3m govt upgrade

ACT government to install 500kW solar system at Canberra Hospital as part of a $3.3m energy upgrade that will save it $490k a year on energy bills.

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What do consumers know about energy storage? Much more than we think

New surveys reveal rapidly growing interest in residential energy storage among Australian solar consumers, as people look to get the most out of their rooftop solar systems.

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Financing secured for biggest rooftop solar array for an Australian school

Canberra's Amaroo School will soon host the ACT's largest rooftop solar array, a 600kW installation that will help power the 1,750-student facility.

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