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Life, the universe and Redflow

The appointment of John Lindsay as a non-executive director to Redflow frees me up to transition my own head space into the technology around making our battery work in the real world.

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My home Redflow ZBM2 energy system installation

Redflow CEO Simon Hackett shares some insights into his own home energy storage installation, including 2 x 10kWh Redflow ZBM2 zinc-bromide hybrid flow batteries.

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Rivals fear Tesla may become the Apple of battery storage

Redflow CEO says Tesla's launch of Powerwall 2 battery with a built-in inverter takes a leaf from the Apple playbook of vertical integration – and could polarise the industry.

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Tesla chauffeur service set to expand with new high profile investor

Sydney Tesla chauffeur service to add more EVs, expand to Melbourne after tech guru Simon Hackett buys 10% stake.

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Hackett urges states to swap premium solar tariffs for battery storage

Redflow boss Simon Hackett urges states to provide incentive for solar households to trade in their premium feed in tariffs for battery storage.

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Simon Hackett takes delivery of big battery array, charges up office and Tesla

Simon Hackett takes delivery of 660kWh Redflow battery system at his Adelaide headquarters, giving company four days of power, and solar charging for his Tesla.

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Redflow sets up Adelaide “battery lab” ahead of home storage launch

Redflow has established a battery lab in Kent Town Adelaide, to support the imminent launch of its residential zinc bromine flow battery, and to ensure it works with a range of inverters.

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