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Selecting storage solutions in residential PV systems

Combining PV with a storage solution, homeowners gain from a variety of possibilities and benefits. However, it is important to know how to select the right kind of storage solution..

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Thousands sign petition for mandatory rooftop solar on new homes

An online petition calling on Australia’s federal and state governments to make rooftop solar mandatory for all new-build houses has attracted nearly 12,000 signatures in just one week.

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Solar boss takes Queensland home off-grid, with a 7.5 year payback

The head of a Queensland solar company is taking his home off-grid, using a Samsung 10.8kWh battery storage - the first time it has been used this way. Steve Madson says his move off-grid is being forced by huge network charges, and he expects many others to follow.

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Rooftop solar costs vs the grid: A city by city guide

In one Australian city, the cost of rooftop solar is just one third that of grid power. Because of the cost advantage, rooftop solar on households is expected to account for one fifth of Australia's electricity generation.

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The 5×4 concept: How Melbourne photographer leads world in zero carbon living

Photographer Ralph Alphonso had planned to turn a small inner city property space - just 5 metres by 4 metres - next to his inner city photographic studio in east Melbourne into a car port with a roof. Instead, after prompting from his father, he came up with a better idea.

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The 2020 solar household: independent, intelligent and efficient

SMA managing director Mark Twidell says the real solar revolution will arrive with smart management technology, allowing the average prosumer of the future to buy from the grid, sell their solar power, and manage their consumption.

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Preparing a private home and rental property for energy storage revolution

Leigh Adamson recently bought the house next door to create a rare half acre block in suburbia. He now has an alternative retirement income and is readying both homes for the oncoming energy storage revolution with small grid-connect solar systems.

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Greening a grid-connect suburban home with small scale energy storage

Going off grid doesn’t necessarily mean a large solar system powering your entire home.

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Despite the Tesla hype, going off grid is not that simple

The Tesla PowerWall announcement stimulated an exciting debate about how low cost batteries could create widespread defection from the electricity grid. Take it from someone who knows … alas, it’s not that simple!

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The NSW solar bonus will end: What to do before the money stops flowing

If you are one of those lucky bastards who made a motza out of boldly entering a new solar world, you may need to pause in your euphoria for a moment and consider the options.

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