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Tesla Energy launches major hiring push in Australia as Powerwall sales take off

Tesla Energy has launched recruitment drive in Australia this week in an effort to get the company to scale to support soaring demand for its Powerwall battery.

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First Tesla Powerwall installations in homes to begin this week in Australia

First Tesla Powerwalls to be installed in Australian homes, as the US battery storage maker extends its network of fast-charging stations for its up-market EVs.

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Suburban micro-grid development explored in ARENA-backed project

ARENA-backed project to investigate how PV and storage systems could provide ‘behind the meter’ power needs for suburban communities.

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Household battery storage is a game changer – but is it safe?

With residential battery storage set to boom, a new consumer report by the CSIRO answers some of the key questions we should all be asking about the technology many predict will be a feature in half of all Australian households by the end of the decade.

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Award-winning off-grid solar+battery storage home… for less than $300,000

An off-grid modular home in Trentham, Victoria, designed and built for less than $300k, has won a top energy efficiency award.

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To add battery storage, or not to add battery storage…

The economics of battery storage depends where you live and who you live with, and if you are allowed to share energy. For some Australian households, battery storage could make sense as soon as 2018.

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Redflow makes push for renewables and battery storage for Oz mines

Australian battery maker Redflow says mining industry should be coupling large-scale battery storage with renewable energy to cut costs and quit the grid.

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Made in the shade: Solar + storage = two EVs in leafy suburbs of Melbourne

Rooftop solar and storage system installed in leafy Victorian suburb overcame shading problems to produce and store enough solar energy to power two electric vehicles, including a Tesla.

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Aboriginal corporation quits WA regional grid for cheaper solar and storage

After looking into adding a grid-connected solar system, the Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Corporation has gone with the cheaper option of installing an off-grid solar PV plant with 70kWh battery storage – a first of its kind, commissioned this week.

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UBS: Battery storage payback for solar households will be 5-6 years by 2020

New report predicts 'mass adoption' of battery storage by Australian solar households could be just five years away, as costs fall by more than 60%. And household storage could play a key role in a 50% renewables target.

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