Tesla PowerWall

How I learned to slash my power bill, with solar and storage

In December 2016, I added 6.5kW of rooftop solar and a Tesla Powerwall 1 battery and became part of the Reposit Power, ACTewAGL Virtual Big Battery in Canberra. Here's what happened next.

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Battery-powered pizza: Beating network squeeze with 10 Tesla Powerwalls

Domino's Pizza franchise in western Sydney installs "world's largest" commercial Tesla Powerwall 2 battery system for half the price of a grid upgrade. Is this the new normal for small businesses?

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People’s Powerwall: Solar + Tesla battery storage crowd-funded for Melbourne community centre

Crowdfunding helps deliver 40kW solar plus 6.4kWh Tesla Powerwall battery storage system for Footscray Community Arts Centre.

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A Tesla Powerwall with my rooftop solar? I’ll take SIX

A Gold Coast home owner has installed six Tesla Powerwall batteries, to store 98% of the generation from his 24kW rooftop solar system. And the payback? Not bad...

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Welcome to Tesla Town: the new Melbourne suburb with a Powerwall in every home

Homes in Glenvill's new-build Melbourne development, YarraBend, will have rooftop solar and Tesla Powerwall battery storage as standard features. Is this the new normal for suburbs of the future?

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Calculating the return on investment of my Tesla Powerwall battery storage

My assumption was that my rooftop solar system could beat the savings I would get from offsetting my home loan. The Tesla Powerwall would simply ice that cake by increasing self- consumption levels due to power shifting. Here's how it is turning out.

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Greens leader Greg Barber goes solar + Tesla storage to sidestep perverse energy markets

The home of the Victorian Greens leader has become the first in the state to install a Tesla Powerwall battery, alongside a 5kW solar system. Barber says solar plus storage is the only way to tackle Victoria's "perverse" energy markets.

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‘Use it or (almost) lose it’: Why Australia is a key energy storage market

Among the many inverter and battery storage technologies on show at the All-Energy Australia conference and exhibition last week in Melbourne was a few of the latest offerings from Israeli inverter company, SolarEdge. SolarEdge, which like many other big players in this sector, has lately turned its focus to developing inverter technology that supports solar […]

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Vector offers free solar + Tesla storage systems to NZ consumers

NZ network operator launches campaign to give away free 3kW solar systems with Tesla Powerwall batteries to 130 households, community groups and schools.

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