Qld family goes off grid with solar and 60kWh Redflow ZCell battery bank

A Queensland family has installed Australia's largest residential Redflow ZCell battery system, alongside 18.7kW of rooftop solar, to take their home off grid.

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Rivals fear Tesla may become the Apple of battery storage

Redflow CEO says Tesla's launch of Powerwall 2 battery with a built-in inverter takes a leaf from the Apple playbook of vertical integration – and could polarise the industry.

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Senior Google executive installs first Redflow ZCell at off-grid property

The first customer installation of Redflow's residential battery storage offering – the ZCell – has been completed at an off-grid property south of Adelaide.

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Redflow reports strong interest in household flow battery technology

Redflow's Simon Hackett sees strong interest in Australian flow battery technology, and is rolling up his sleeves and giving installation instructions himself.

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Redflow launches 10kWh “ZCell” into Australian home battery storage market

Buyers of Redflow's ZCell battery storage product launched on Wednesday won't get much change from $20,000 for the 10kWh device. But Simon Hackett says Redflow will match Tesla and other high profile brands on price per kWh and on performance.

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