Solar Insiders Podcast: The RCR collapse; and two great new solar initiatives

This week we go to Sundowners, discuss the collapse of RCR, and interview Andrea Gaffney from Planet Renewables, and Chris McGrath from solar innovators 5B.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: Elon Musk’s catching mitt, battery storage everywhere

Elon Musk’s giant catching mitt, new battery storage schemes, and the ongoing crackdown on crap solar.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: Fair Dinkum, we’re serious about solar power

The Solar Insiders team gets Fair Dinkum about solar, because that’s what we do, that’s who we are, that’s what we are about. Do you have a strawberry?

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Is the CEC Approved Retailer program worth the effort?

There has been a bit of debate, lately, about the merits and purpose of the Clean Energy Council's Approved Solar Retailer program. So a recap of its goals and objectives might be worthwhile.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: Lassoing solar cowboys in Victoria

We talk to Solar Victoria and its pre-emptive strike against solar cowboys who moved in to try and fleece consumers in Victoria’s massive solar program.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: Solar’s big year, and Senec storage

Solar’s big year, an interview with German battery storage maker Senec, and a round-up of the highlights of the All Energy conference.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: Why are some councils turning off solar?

Some councils have rejected large scale and rooftop solar installations. Plus: A preview of the All-Energy conference.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: Sonnen CEO on why Australia is leading market for battery storage

An interview with Sonnen CEO Christoph Ostermann, plus a look at why the states are taking the lead on battery storage, AGL’s withdrawal from residential solar, and much more.

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Solar Insiders Podcast August 29

Victoria Labor’s solar rebate proposal is having an impact on the solar market, with customers putting off installations.

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Solar Insiders Podcast August 16

The future of solar rebates is up in the air as the ACCC pushes for government to adopt its “complete package.” We talk with Sunwiz’ Warwick Johnston about the implications and state of commercial solar.

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