Abbott war on rooftop solar to drive up cost to homes, businesses

Attempt by Abbott government to stop Clean Energy Finance Corporation co-financing rooftop solar is likely to make rooftop solar a lot more more expensive for those homes and businesses who have yet to install the technology, and who cannot afford to buy the systems outright.

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BuildingIQ in deal to boost corporate Australia’s energy smarts

CSIRO spin-off in deal to deploy its energy management software in major Australian shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals.

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South Australia to double Adelaide City incentives for battery storage

South Australia government doubles funding available for City of Adelaide battery storage initiative, potentially injecting 600kWh of storage into CBD.

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AGL offering 7.2kWh battery storage at under $10,000

AGL Energy is offering battery storage systems at a steep discount to even wholesale prices. But there may be method to their madness, locking in customers for the long term and reaping benefits from battery storage systems. But it underpins the potential for battery storage costs to fall quickly and sharply.

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South Australia pushes battery storage in government buildings

South Australia looks to install battery storage in parliament house, museums and art galleries, and up to 150 other buildings including schools and railway stations, as it looks to become a leader in energy storage as well as wind and solar. South Australia is rapidly emerging as the leading state in battery storage, with the […]

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Sydney car dealership installs 100kW solar, LEDs for 65% power cut

100kW solar array installed at Sydney car dealership, including parking area, to help cut power bills by half. A Sydney car dealership has tapped CEFC funding to install a 100kW rooftop solar system and LED lighting – measures that are expected to cut the 50 year-old business’s energy consumption by 60 per cent. Col Crawford […]

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Adelaide City Council offers energy storage incentive, Australia’s first

Adelaide City Council to offer $5,000 energy storage subsidy, extending Sustainable City scheme to cover batteries, EV chargers.

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NT vanadium mine to tap solar + redox battery storage for energy supply

Northern Territory mine to tap solar power plus vanadium redox battery storage for energy supplies, the latest miner to turn to renewables.

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Rooftop solar to overtake coal capacity in Australia by 2030

AEMO says rooftop solar capacity to grow to as much as 25GW, overtaking coal capacity in next decade as big generators close and household and businesses invest billions in local generation.

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Household and business rooftop solar PV forecasts – state by state

AEMO's state by state, medium and long term solar PV forecasts have been upgraded significantly from last year in almost every instance.

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