Victoria’s ‘largest’ community solar farm proposed for Wangaratta

A proposal for what could be Victoria’s largest collaborative solar farm is set to be announced on Thursday in Wangaratta, at the council-owned site where it would be built.

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How Robin Hood brings community energy to the 7 Shires

A small revolution is taking part in the famous little surfer town Byron Bay..

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New York re-write rules on network revenues as it ditches centralised system

New York rewrites the rules on utility revenues, helping the transition away from large, centralised power plants, to a 21st century network focused on clean technology and behind the meter resources.

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NSW community solar group launches biggest solar funding round to date

Repower Shoalhaven – the community energy group behind two successful crowd-funding projects – is set to launch its third round of solar fundraising, to put another 100kW of solar on local NSW businesses.

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Goulburn 1MW Community Solar Farm set for launch

The results of a feasibility study for a 1MW community-owned solar farm in the NSW town of Goulburn will be released in early June, at the launch of the "first of its kind" project.

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Community renewables to get $98.7m in Labor climate plan

Federal Opposition's newly launched Climate Action Plan will put nearly $100m towards developing a Community Power Network and a series of "regional hubs,” as well as an annual competitive grants program.

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Lighting the way for carbon neutrality in Adelaide

Streetlights in the centre of Adelaide are being fitted with smart technology as it moves closer to its goal of becoming the world’s first carbon neutral city.

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“Community storage” is a new way to think about reducing grid costs

How utilities are taking advantage of customer-owned energy storage and demand flexibility.

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It takes a village: Why community energy is vital to a 100% renewable Australia

The transition to 100 per cent renewables for Australia is inevitable, say the authors of a major new report. The only question is how quickly and how fairly it will be done – and that's where community energy comes in.

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Green village proves high value of low carbon living

A green village with minimum 7.5 star energy efficiency ratings is proving near zero carbon communities are not only achievable but can also save residents money.

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