Why the network push to limit rooftop solar exports should be resisted

The push by the network lobby to limit exports from rooftop solar is more about defending their investment in gas pipelines. It must be resisted.

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Home hydrogen storage for rooftop solar? UNSW team says it’s coming in 2020

UNSW and Tamworth company H2Store win investor support for hydrogen storage that could be applied to home solar storage by late 2020.

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New rooftop solar, battery connection standards: What do they mean? Who needs to know?

New standards guiding rooftop solar and battery storage installs across the NEM have been released by the ENA. But are they good, bad or indifferent for consumers and industry? And what will they actually do? We ask the ENA and the CEC for some answers.

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Personal air conditioning: A low energy option for keeping your cool

Can portable, personal cooling devices keep you cool in summer? And what are the potential energy/carbon benefits? I tested two quite different personal air conditioners.

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Rooftop solar trading platform cuts out energy market middle man

Rooftop solar trading platform by Energy Locals and Enosi puts consumers in charge of who they sell their excess PV generation to, and for how much, while opening the household solar market to those previously "locked out."

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Solar policy support: A vote catcher or a corner turned?

It's great to see renewables get some election-time policy attention in a way that makes consumers part of the transition. But from an industry perspective, we flag a level of caution.

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Victoria regulator lifts fixed rooftop solar tariff, slashes peak rate

Essential Services Commission ups rooftop solar tariffs for minimum "single rate" in Victoria, but slashes the peak rate for solar exports by more than half.

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Demand response for households – how does it work, and can it really earn you money?

Amber Electric is a power retailer that wants its customers to use more power at cheap times, and less power at expensive times. Sound suspicious? Here's how – and why – it works.

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Solar hot water rebate opens for applications in Victoria

Victorian households can claim up to $1,000 rebate on solar hot water systems as of this week, in latest offering from state government Solar Homes package.

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Residential revival: How home solar broke records in 2018

Just when you thought Australia's residential market had peaked, 2018 delivered a record year of installs, with a big boost from the Victoria Solar Homes rebate.

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