The 5×4 concept: How Melbourne photographer leads world in zero carbon living

Photographer Ralph Alphonso had planned to turn a small inner city property space - just 5 metres by 4 metres - next to his inner city photographic studio in east Melbourne into a car port with a roof. Instead, after prompting from his father, he came up with a better idea.

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Enphase makes global battery storage launch in Australia, storage trial with SA network

Another US battery storage developer chooses Australia to launch battery storage products. Enphase says its 1.25kWh modular unit will beat grid prices from the outset. It has also signed a battery storage trial agreement with the South Australian grid operator.

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Tesla journey through Queensland: Charging up with wind power

In Part 3 of this Tesla's 9,000kms odyssey through Queensland, without a super-charging network, we learn how the car plugged into the only wind farm in the state.

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Strawbale house: thermal efficiency, solar hydronic heating and great acoustics

The largest straw-bale home in the southern hemisphere has solar hydronic heating and excellent acoustics - a great asset for people in the audio and music business.

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The energy efficient home extension: solar now, storage later

A home owner with a passion for sustainable living gathered good people around her to complete a energy efficient extension that is now a favourite space for family members to meet, eat and curl up with a good book.

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A Tesla’s 9,000kms journey through Queensland without super-charger network – Part 2

Our intrepid Tesla Model S owner continues his trip north in Queensland, defying the naysayers in pursuit of a three-phase socket and a suitable charging point.

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Living 100% renewable: the energy consumer in 2050

The 100% renewable energy scenario starts in the home. By 2030, a major new report predicts, all private consumers and small and medium enterprises (SME) will meet most of their electricity needs with solar PV and storage.

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Solar hot water giving you cold showers? Eight tips to warm you up

It is likely that households are not getting the most from their solar hot water systems. So how can you get the most out of your solar hot water system?

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Consumers want to be energy self-sufficient – but who will help them do it?

Australian consumers want to embrace energy technologies like solar and storage that offer them cheaper electricity and greater energy independence – and power industry incumbents to meet this new wave of demand, or lose their grip on the market.

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UBS: Battery storage payback for solar households will be 5-6 years by 2020

New report predicts 'mass adoption' of battery storage by Australian solar households could be just five years away, as costs fall by more than 60%. And household storage could play a key role in a 50% renewables target.

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