200 reasons why people choose “Life Off Grid” – and why most of us shouldn’t

Canadian documentary "Life Off Grid" asks more than 200 people why they decided to quit the grid. We talked to film producer Phillip Vannini about the types of "off-gridder" and why he now thinks going off grid is not the answer to the world's energy problems.

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The 40 Australian towns that could, and should, quit the grid

Study identifies 40 Australian towns that would save money by using solar and storage for their power needs, and cut the wire to the main grid.

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Redflow’s Hackett: Why batteries will not cause mass defection from grid

While cutting the power cord sounds good in theory, in practice consumers gain many more advantages from staying connected to the grid.

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Taste of Tasmania: Ten day tour in Tesla Model S85, powered by renewables

Part 2 of our trip around Tasmania by a Tesla electric vehicle, charged with renewable energy. We must electrify transportation and EV tourism may be a good way to start it in Tasmania.

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How quitting the grid – in an energy efficient home – will save you

Australians can now build a house using the latest modern building materials, methods, products, technology and ideas that will not only take you off grid, but remove the need for expensive heating and cooling. And all for a healthy return on investment.

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Qld farmer quits ‘crippling’ cost of Ergon grid for solar – for price of a tractor

A Bundaberg cane growing family is building a ground-mounted solar system that will take its 80 hectare farm completely off the Ergon grid.

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Three common mistakes when assessing going off grid

Here are the three common mistakes we see when assessing the potential of solar and storage. Read them, critique them, but please, don’t make them.

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Off-grid solar to cut diesel use by 60% at NSW cotton farm

A cotton farm in Moree, NSW, has installed an off-grid, hybrid solar plant with battery storage to power the irrigation of its crops.

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Award-winning off-grid solar+battery storage home… for less than $300,000

An off-grid modular home in Trentham, Victoria, designed and built for less than $300k, has won a top energy efficiency award.

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Rottnest Island to source 45% electricity from solar added to wind turbine

Rottnest Island wind turbine that offended Tony Abbott to be combined with solar and smart controls to provide 45% of island's electricity and clean water.

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