A 10-step guide to going off grid – from your utility

Ergon Energy provides guide to households considering using solar and battery storage to quit the grid. It says it doesn't want to scare customers into staying with them, but there are 10 things people should consider first.

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Greensburg, once destroyed by wind, now 100% wind-powered

Powerful winds once destroyed the town, but now wind power is the very foundation of Greensburg’s economy, an irony not lost on the town’s citizens.

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Off-grid, small hydro system to power Victorian alpine hub

A micro-hydro electricity system will form major part of Victoria state government-funded project to develop Australia’s first 100% renewable powered Alpine Hub.

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Stand-alone solar and battery storage trial kicks off in rural WA

WA utility Western Power has installed six stand-alone solar and battery storage power around the state as part of $4m pilot project investigating how electricity can be delivered to rural and remote customers.

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Sweden opens its first electric road, to help power heavy transport

The electric road will test the use of electric power as an aid to heavy transport on public roadways.

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Buying emission offsets has just become easier, and cheaper

With the UN now trading carbon offsets, how can you become a voluntary abater? We road-test the options.

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Can Kangaroo Island be powered by 100% renewable energy?

Institute of Sustainable Futures investigates prospects of powering iconic Kangaroo Island with wind, solar and storage. But it is a race against time.

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Lord Howe Island to install solar, wind and storage to cut back diesel

World heritage listed Lord Howe Island has finally called for tenders for the installation of solar, wind and battery storage to reduce its reliance on expensive diesel generation by two thirds.

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Off-grid adventures: Building Sri Lanka’s largest hybrid solar and storage system

When the opportunity presented to bid on a solar, wind and storage project on the island of Eluvaitivu, 4km offshore from the Northern Sri Lankan town of Kayts, Peter Bulanyi didn’t hesitate. Here's how the project – 46kW PV array, six 3.5kW wind turbines, and a 100kWh lithium-ion battery bank – unfolded.

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Solar + storage: Cheaper energy, closer to home in remote Australia

The shift to solar and storage for two off-grid Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory not only cut energy costs by more than 50%, but strengthened cultural ties to country, and explored sustainable land use activities that bring jobs, training and an income – building a sustainable economy on homelands.

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