Redflow reports strong interest in household flow battery technology

Redflow's Simon Hackett sees strong interest in Australian flow battery technology, and is rolling up his sleeves and giving installation instructions himself.

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Tesla “glamping” in the Australian outback

One couple's experience of travelling the North-West coastal highway in their Tesla Model S using only the power supply available along the way – and sometimes camping in the boot.

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How to sell battery storage to early adopters

There’s plenty of early adopters out there who will buy battery storage regardless of the return on investment, because early adopters like the technology and the independence it offers.

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Tesla glamping? How to convert your Model S into a 5-star tent

A subculture of Tesla Model S drivers is discovering the joys, and tribulations, of converting their $US145,000 Model S into a very fancy tent.

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One thousand kilometers on an electric bicycle

An inside look into what you are missing out on if you don't have an electric bicycle.

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Case Study: Yulara Project

Behind the scenes of the first utility-scale plant to be proposed and completed by an Indigenous Land Council – the 1.8MW solar PV system at Ayers Rock Resort.

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Solar Choice PV price index: August 2016

This August marks four full years of Solar Choice’s PV Price Index. Here are some charts following the changes in average solar PV system prices from 2012.

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Living off-grid in Australia’s tropical north: Tips from a long-term Daintree resident

A well designed off-grid solar and battery storage system can supply most households' needs easily, even in Australia's tropical north. But some know-how is needed.

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Household battery storage costs: So near and yet so far

Our cost of energy charts for battery storage suggest Tesla is now in the middle of the pack, Enphase looks relatively cheap and none of them is cheap enough.

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Have we massively underestimated the battery storage market?

Newly released survey data suggests we may have dramatically underestimated the take up of battery storage in Australia.

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