Off grid, and sometimes in the dark, overlooking spectacular Great Ocean Road

Astrid Liberts had no choice but to be off-grid in her dream home with spectacular ocean views. Each upgrade delivers improvements, but sometimes she yearns to be connected.

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‘Poster girl’ for alternative lifestyle shares her off-grid story

Columnist and cartoonist Jill Redwood had to start over after the Ash Wednesday bush fires in 1983. She explains how she lives off grid with just a very small solar system of 1kW and battery storage.

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The lessons learnt from 30 years of off-grid independence

Alternative off grid energy systems work, are empowering, challenging and highly enjoyable, and the freedom and independence from erratic government policy interference and corporate dominance cannot be overstated.

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Off-grid living for family of 5 in western Victoria – all it needed was more solar

While most people dream of building a carbon neutral home from scratch, the Severin family were lucky enough to walk straight into an established family pad near Horsham in western Victoria. All they needed was more solar.

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Despite the Tesla hype, going off grid is not that simple

The Tesla PowerWall announcement stimulated an exciting debate about how low cost batteries could create widespread defection from the electricity grid. Take it from someone who knows … alas, it’s not that simple!

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The off grid experience – and how it’s changed since 1992

This family quit the rat race more than two decades ago. They have used solar PV, a wind turbine, small hydro and battery storage to manage their power needs, with all the usual mod-cons.

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WA astronomy hub to be powered by 1.6MW solar system

WA CSIRO observatory, home to one of the world's most powerful radio astronomy instruments, to be powered by 1.6MW off-grid solar station.

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Flagship solar + storage project at WA mine gets backing from CEFC, ARENA

CEFC commits up to $15m towards Australia's largest solar+storage system at a WA mine – a ground-breaking project set to transform remote power generation.

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Richard Di Natale – the party leader living off the grid

Greens leader Richard Di Natale chose to go off-grid 10 years ago, largely because of the huge costs of connecting his then weekender and now family home to the grid. He says it's a great feeling to be able to convert the sun into useable energy.

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NSW’s CASAR Park gains pole position for EV racing, off the grid

NSW motor-sport precinct that aims to host electric vehicle racing events plans to go-offgrid, using solar and battery storage.

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