What’s happening to residential electricity prices – and why

AEMC report says most Australian households can expect to pay between 4-10% more for their 2017-18 electricity bills, thanks largely to the cost of the RET and the exit of Victoria's Hazelwood brown coal plant. But is it really as black and white – or even green – as all that?

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Microgrids aren’t being built fast enough: Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew made a blunt case for microgrids last week as it toppled thousands of electric poles and wires across four American states.

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Tariff reform could save billions on grid costs, slash customer bills

Energeia report finds that an enlightened Australian electricity market, built around demand-based network tariffs, could save as much as $16bn in avoided infrastructure costs and cut power bills by 30%.

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Credit where it’s due: How distributed energy could save $1bn on grid costs

As the industry awaits the regulator's decision on a proposed NEM rule change that would give "local network credits" to distributed energy generators, a major Australian study has found such a measure could save $1.2bn on avoided network infrastructure costs.

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Los Angeles City Council backs planning for 100% renewable energy

The Los Angeles City Council took a major step Friday toward making the city run on clean energy alone.

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How to make solar accessible – without rooftops

With an increasingly supportive regulatory environment and growing interest, community solar in the US could contribute nearly half of all solar installations by 2020. Here's how they do it.

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A very Australian energy revolution: Why consumers love battery storage

Four out of five solar households interested in battery storage, with one out of four households considering using battery storage to quit the grid altogether.

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Community renewables to get $98.7m in Labor climate plan

Federal Opposition's newly launched Climate Action Plan will put nearly $100m towards developing a Community Power Network and a series of "regional hubs,” as well as an annual competitive grants program.

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It takes a village: Why community energy is vital to a 100% renewable Australia

The transition to 100 per cent renewables for Australia is inevitable, say the authors of a major new report. The only question is how quickly and how fairly it will be done – and that's where community energy comes in.

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NSW solar rebate a success for community

The much criticised NSW solar bonus scheme is due to end soon. It cost a lot less than feared - 50c/week to households - and laid the foundations for a clean energy industry.

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