Solar hottest in these Australian suburbs – but apartment dwellers still missing the party

Australia's top 10 solar postcodes revealed. But it's not all sun and savings – UNSW report shows millions of apartment dwellers still locked out of rooftop solar, and up to 4GW of shared rooftop potential untapped.

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Queensland solar rule will blow out costs, cause months-long delays

Industry warns rule change requiring licensed electricians, only, to install solar panels on projects 100kW-plus, will have dire consequences for projects already under construction.

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“Cheap shot” at commercial solar: Industry slams Queensland rule change

Solar developers slam Queensland government rule restricting panel installation to licensed electricians as "absurd," and warn it will kill many commercial solar projects.

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Cannon-Brookes’ Atlassian commits to 100% renewables by 2025

Atlassian becomes first Australian tech company – and third company all up – to sign on to global RE100 movement, with a "super complex" target of 100% renewables by 2025.

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Victoria rooftop solar rebate set to be capped, as 30,000-plus households pile in

UPDATED: Victoria energy minister says applications to rooftop solar rebate will be capped in future years, to "boost safety and ensure orderly rollout," as numbers reach their limits for the introductory phase of scheme.

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Major regulatory disruption to embedded networks on the horizon

Draft changes to frameworks regulating embedded networks in NEM propose exempt network service providers and exempt sellers face obligations closely mirroring those of distributers and retailers.

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City of Sydney pledges to source 100% renewables in 2020

In a major upgrade from its previous 50% by 2030 renewable energy target, the City of Sydney has committed to purchase 100% of its electricity from renewables, starting next year.

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Victoria cracks down on inverter standards for rooftop solar scheme

Victorian Labor government introduces new requirement making “smart inverters” mandatory for solar systems installed under its Solar Homes scheme.

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Why we need the Approved Solar Retailer program – and why Victoria is demanding it

A new rule requiring all Victorian retailers to get CEC accreditation to participate in the state solar rebate will be annoying news for some. But it will cause problems for only a few.

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Victoria government closes Solar Homes rebate to “approved” retailers only

Victoria government says rooftop solar retailers wishing to participate in Solar Homes subsidy must be signatories to Clean Energy Council Code of Conduct. Industry has mixed response.

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