Cannon-Brookes’ Atlassian commits to 100% renewables by 2025

Atlassian becomes first Australian tech company – and third company all up – to sign on to global RE100 movement, with a "super complex" target of 100% renewables by 2025.

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New energy platform connects small solar farms with buyers

South Australia based start-up, Oxamii, has developed a system to make it easier for owners of solar arrays 200kW and larger to sell power on the spot market.

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Victoria cracks down on inverter standards for rooftop solar scheme

Victorian Labor government introduces new requirement making “smart inverters” mandatory for solar systems installed under its Solar Homes scheme.

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Ausgrid and Reposit unveil 1MW virtual power plant in NSW

Ausgrid and Reposit Power launch pilot 1MW virtual power plant linking the rooftop solar and battery storage of 233 customers across 170 NSW suburbs.

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Personal air conditioning: A low energy option for keeping your cool

Can portable, personal cooling devices keep you cool in summer? And what are the potential energy/carbon benefits? I tested two quite different personal air conditioners.

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Rooftop solar trading platform cuts out energy market middle man

Rooftop solar trading platform by Energy Locals and Enosi puts consumers in charge of who they sell their excess PV generation to, and for how much, while opening the household solar market to those previously "locked out."

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Demand response for households – how does it work, and can it really earn you money?

Amber Electric is a power retailer that wants its customers to use more power at cheap times, and less power at expensive times. Sound suspicious? Here's how – and why – it works.

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Virtual power plant snags contract in wholesale capacity auction – a US first

"Breakthrough moment" in US, as local solar energy resources compete with centralised power in highly price-sensitive wholesale power markets.

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Networks face up to rooftop solar boom, with new ARENA-funded trial

Creating Solar Friendly Neighbourhoods trial in Victoria could significantly enhance ability of electricity networks to accommodate more rooftop solar power.

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My electric car, your solar home, a microgrid, and the future

US collaboration between LO3 and MotorWerks will test tools to let consumers buy and sell electricity within microgrids using their homes and vehicles.

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