Our journey to rooftop solar in coastal Victoria

At the time we were building our new house we considered solar panels, but cost and return on investment weren't convincing. Six years later, the ballgame has changed.

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Why the network push to limit rooftop solar exports should be resisted

The push by the network lobby to limit exports from rooftop solar is more about defending their investment in gas pipelines. It must be resisted.

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How I got solar installed at my NSW school – and how you could, too

Last year I single-handedly organised, lobbied and arranged funds for a $100,000, 100kW solar panel installation for my school in Sydney’s south. Here's how it was done.

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Home hydrogen storage for rooftop solar? UNSW team says it’s coming in 2020

UNSW and Tamworth company H2Store win investor support for hydrogen storage that could be applied to home solar storage by late 2020.

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Australia installs its first solar farm in Antarctica – a 30kW vertical array

Desert-based renewables outfit Masdar helps install Australia's first Antarctic solar array – a 105 panel system mounted on a wall at the Casey research station.

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Senec tapped to provide home batteries in W.A.’s largest solar + storage microgrid

German-based Senec Australia chosen to supply home battery systems for Horizon Power's cutting edge solar and storage microgrid in the coastal Pilbara town of Onslow.

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Solar Insiders Podcast: The solarisation of South Australia’s grid

The solarisation of South Australia’s grid, and hunting down solar cowboys in Victoria

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New rooftop solar, battery connection standards: What do they mean? Who needs to know?

New standards guiding rooftop solar and battery storage installs across the NEM have been released by the ENA. But are they good, bad or indifferent for consumers and industry? And what will they actually do? We ask the ENA and the CEC for some answers.

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Renewable microgrids: For preventing climate change, and powering through it

Catastrophic wildfires in California have prompted a new approach to power, starting with a microgrid that can isolate from the grid and power the fire department.

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NT councils offered grants to install solar, EV chargers, batteries

Northern Territory Labor government opens $2m grant scheme to encourage councils to move to better energy efficient infrastructure and reduce costs to consumers and taxpayers.

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