Energy Efficiency

Frustrated by high power bills, Colorado City turns to clean energy

Frustrated by bloated power bills and frequent shutoffs, citizens of Pueblo have lobbied the city council to abandon natural gas and switch to more affordable renewable energy.

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Here’s an energy savings plan: buy when prices are lower

Shopping for a discount makes sense, right? Let’s see what we can save if we try this with electricity.

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Proof we can chew gum, share solar and cut costs at the same time

A heritage listed former chewing gum factory turned apartment complex will use solar PV and behind the meter technology to supply residents with power up to 20% cheaper than retail market.

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The most sustainable town in America

It was love at first sight for Richard and Robin Kinley. But it took a sunset to seal the deal.

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Your home or business can cut power plant emissions

Automated emissions reduction technology presents an opportunity for companies to address both green and smart customer desires.

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CHP microgrid a prescription for sustainable energy

A combined heat and power microgrid at a Texas hospital benefits the larger community, thanks to a utility/customer partnership.

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Forget coal power – the path to grid stability begins at home

There’s a simple and achievable way to ensure electricity grid reliability on extreme heat days, and it's on and under our own roofs.

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We need a comprehensive housing approach to deal with heatwaves

Heatwaves across much of the country this summer have revealed a serious problem with our national housing stock.

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Stockland completes 925kW solar array on Sydney shopping centre

Australian property group completes its latest major commercial rooftop solar installation, a 925kW array at Wetherill Park Shopping Centre.

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Mildura Airport installs 100kW solar to cut grid costs, boost reliability

Australia's "busiest regional airport" adds 100kW of rooftop solar to cut electricity costs, boost security of supply in North Western Victoria.

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