Energy Efficiency

Victorian hospitals to tap solar through new state government scheme

Victorian government earmarks $26 million to roll out solar and energy efficiency measures at hospitals across the state, as health sector power bills soar.

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Reverse solar hot water innovation making air con more efficient

New research shows fluid-filled roof panels that work like solar water heaters – except to extract heat from fluid, rather than adding it – can help make air conditioning up to 20% more efficient.

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EnergyAustralia rolls Redback smart solar platform out to customers

EnergyAustralia and Redback Technologies launch smart solar energy management system that could save customers $1,500 a year on electricity bills.

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Hurricane Harvey creates new abnormal for the electric grid

Stories are emerging about microgrids and distributed energy systems keeping critical services up and running despite Hurricane Harvey’s best efforts to do them in.

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Batteries included: Another new-build Australian suburb offers solar + storage

New-build Qld suburb offers houses with solar + Tesla Powerwall 2 included – enough to make them energy self-sufficient from “dawn to dusk.”

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Saint Lucia’s journey to a renewable future

St Lucia’s 180,000 residents and tourism-driven economy depend heavily on reliable electricity. Over the past year action has started to shift the island from almost 100% imported fossil fuelled power, to a mix of local renewables.

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‘Smart home’ gadgets: Not always the easy answer to cutting bills

Research suggests some "smart" devices can wind up increasing household energy usage, rather than cutting it.

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“Ice battery” air-con technology set to cool Australian homes – and peak power demand

Solar hot water company Apricus inks distribution deal for US "ice battery" + air-con technology that could cool Australian homes, and cut power bills.

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CEFC backs cutting edge energy efficient student housing complex

CEFC commits $32m finance to 428-bed student accommodation project in Adelaide, to set new benchmark in energy efficient building.

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Local government, communities can be zero carbon in just 10 years

BZE guide maps path for local government and communities to achieve zero carbon in 10 years, mostly through efficiency and local generation.

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